Buffer (Throw) Tech OS Video

Hey, I made a video about how throws are kooky in KI and a option select that comes from the kookiness.You can watch (and read the description) here.The TL;DR is …

  1. Throw tech windows in KI are BIG ( 15 frames before throw connects and 2 frames after).Numbers from @TheKeits in a Juicebox stream chat

  2. (Reversal windows out of blockstun/buffer windows out of recovery) for normals and throws are small (idk how small but I’d bet its like nonexistent in this instance)

  3. Characters can input throw tech without throw coming out ( they are simultaneously blocking and teching throw) during blockstun, hitstun, recovery frames of moves and during taunt. The taunt thing is useless . In other words tech early, not late

There are certain ways to beat it (overheads, command grabs, fast plus on block normals) but its seems pretty important. Also its seems like an open secret (a couple top KI players told me they knew about it). The way I see this affecting KI “meta” heading into 20XX is…

  • Throw bait mixups on slow moves (e.g. Cinder pyrobomb detonate,throw) are considerably weaker since they can be OS’ed on reaction
  • Block pressure becomes more geared towards options that overextends the attacker to break downback.

What are your thoughts? Will you be trying to incorporate it into your gameplay? Do you already? Where?


I didn’t know the exact frames, but was aware of the ability to tech super early out of block in certain scenarios. About the only place I always use early tech OS’s is after I’ve been wall splatted, but I should definitely start incorporating it into a few irritating MU’s as well. Should be a good way to defend against Wulf post-overpower shenanigans, Spinal run cancels, and the Cinder bomb->throw mixups you mentioned.

Actually want to try it out now…would help me out quite a bit in those three fights :thinking:


I’m wondering if this would help me deal with annoying Jaglo cross up spam with Glacius as well.

I’m not sure I understand how this is an option select…

You’re saying on blockstun you can hit grab and it will tech (if they grab?)

What’s the other option in the os? (If they don’t grab)?

Nothing comes out. So basically you get a risk-free way to tech throw, without having to worry about getting counter hit or punished if you’re wrong.

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So if I’m getting this right, in practice, you would hit grab during blockstun and just block?

So if they grab it will tech and if they don’t you’ll just remain blocking without a wiff grab?

Yep. :+1:t5:

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Thanks storm :slight_smile: taking this into the lab now (since ranked is broken today anyways)

Haha. Don’t thank me - @TooSWKKI is the one who decided to make the post and start the discussion :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for taking the time to clarify* and thank you to op for bringing it up.