Buff the Webs

@developers I’ve mentioned this before but, Sadira’s webs (in instinct obviously) need a bigger hitbox. They mostly work marvelously as an offensive tool (we’ll get to my offensive gripe in a moment), but as a defensive tool, they aren’t catching enemies fast enough to do any good.

Examples: If I drop a web in front of Hisako, her rekka’s will generally destroy them, or the web won’t even open allowing her to wack me into kingdom come. The same happens with Orchid and her attacks. Neither, to my understanding are projectile invulnerable and yet they bypass the webs.

I honestly don’t need to post vids about this, as Crazy LCD and others have posted tons of vids on the subject matter.

In low level play, yeah their great, but at high level a well placed web can mean the difference between life and death.

In respect of offense, their stagger needs slightly longer. Oddly enough this is largely due to Hisako. Her wonky hitbox makes it near impossible to trap her and counter attack. I trap her and then am immediately Countered. It’s like her counter is completely ignoring the stagger. To my knowledge she is the only character that can get trapped and immediately still counter me.

I also ask to slightly (I mean slightly) increase the stagger of a postive hit Widow’s Bite. Of late, I’ve positively hit somebody with a kunai and dive into attack, but then am immediately countered. This doesn’t happen all the time, but it seems to have a lot to do with netcode delay and such. It would make my life easier if there were a few more frames of hitstun to allow me a reward for a positive attack.


Confirmed at NEC that this is a thing, and not related to online. At close range, Hisako can block the heavy kunai, and then mash counter to counter the dive in attack. Kind of a weird interaction.


I always thought it was supposed to be that way so you couldn’t just spam webs on defense and get away with it. As for hisako…I say it’s just timing. Kim wu does the same thing. I’ve seen it. As does arbiter.

I can’t see how this could be planned or on purpose. It is one thing to drop a web during a throw attempt of which will nullify the web as a throw nullifies most projectiles, but to have them WALK through the web and THEN throw you, is a bit absurd. To have players bypass the web with normal, none projectile moves, shouldn’t be happening.

They at like scarabs. Swat at it and it goes away. It functions like projectile but (has all the weaknesses of one) but has a red hitbox (strike hitbox) so one could I guess could swat it away.

Been like that for as long as I remember.

However, in most cases, the webs aren’t even being destroyed. They simply don’t open. They sit their idle as a character beats the junk out of me and then magically catch them. This didn’t happen in S1 and I don’t want Sadira’s webs to be THAT potent as they were in S1, but the fact is they don’t work right at times. I believe increasing their hitbox a bit as well as a slight increase to their stun would work wonders and stop these wacky situations where a character can literally walk through them without being stuck.

I also agree with Storm. Hisako shouldn’t be able to run a Counter once being hit by a web (a non blocked hit), but she can. If I successfully hit Hisako with an airborne MWB, as with any other character, I should be able to perform a well timed follow up. I can do this to every other character, BUT Hisako. Even though my timing is fine, she can still do a counter.

So there are some legit issues that hurt Sadira at high level that are general glitches. If the devs can fix these without increasing web size and such, I’m all for it, but believe me when I say this, Sadira’s life doesn’t need to be any harder, especially at high level play.

Ask the devs.

I did… I’ve already tagged them on this thread.

I meant PM one of them.

I would agree on this especially when Sadira gets to do a widows drop to stop any and all DP attempts. Meaning if the kunai is blocked she makes it safe.

I’m not talking about her kunai though… her instinct web. :slight_smile:

you are late bro ive noticed it with arbiter, wulf, and rash too. the web just don’t act like he must . he need a bigger hitbox

definitly and the LWB should make a light stagger when he it the oppenent on the ground.

that happen most of the time.

That’s not what I was talking about. Most of Sadira’s follow-ups to MWB aren’t combos - it’s what makes the move an effective mixup tool in the first place, and makes sure that her air openings don’t get scaled to all hell. Most characters can’t challenge what comes after the MWB, but anyone with a DP can reversal out of the follow-up if their execution is solid. It has always been that way.

If it doesn’t combo, then Hisako will be able to counter. It has to be that way though - a counter that doesn’t come out frame 1 is a counter that isn’t very good in the current context of the game.

They have been nerfing the fun out of those webs since S2 launch.

I certainly wish you still had KI. I do miss our sets. :smiley:

I think IG didn’t want her webs to be too powerful. I can agree with some of their changes, but I think they’ve nerfed them into the ground to the point where they don’t always work. All IG really needs to do is a few minor adjustments, such as bigger hitbox and slightly longer stagger time. Nothing big, but it would make things a whole lot easier for Sadira.

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@developers can you do something please.

I miss playing. But I’m also not a fan of the direction the game has gone and some of the decisions made. When Baiken drops, I may pick up Gear and give it a shot.