Buff Izzik!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been playing my share of Gargos lately, and after getting his Chosen One achievement, I realized how much I appreciated the Dretch, while almost exclusively ignoring Izzik due to its fragility.

Usually my Dretch buddies will last long enough to charge up for its handy “bounce on Gargos’ opponent’s noggin” command, but my Izziks rarely last long enough to do damage, much less annoy foes with its fancy trident.

I think it would get more people like myself to unleash more Izziks onto the battlefield if it took a little less time for the blue minions to charge up their special attack than their tougher Dretch counterparts. In comparison, it takes both Dretch & Izzik 10 seconds before it starts giving off purple smoke to let the Gargos player that its super jump is ready, but Dretch has 3 hit points and is a little more difficult to smack around than Izzik with its 2 hit points and linear walking pattern.

How would you feel it Izzik was fully charged for its super move within 7 seconds instead of 10?


I don’t know about that, but I’d be okay with giving Izzek 3HP like Dretch.

Izzik should have more of the same health as Dretch TBH. Honestly I find Dretch the more annoying of the two disregarding health.

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Well Izzik’s appeal over Dretch is that his attacks are more frequent and consistent. Plus he can poke at better ranges.

Izzik is the better minion for setplay. He doesn’t move around as much which makes it easier to plan your offense around his attacks on a knockdown, and he is generally much better at protecting you from approaches than dretch. It wold be fine, IMO, if he had 3 hits of health, but I don’t see it as a necessary buff.

*shrug * I think Izzik is already the better minion - he’s more reliable, and so a lot better at actually protecting Gargos when he’s set up properly. No buff necessary IMO.

Izzik is better than dretch for multiple reasons. He covers you better he anti airs for you pretty well his kill move is easier for set ups and frame traps and he’s better for match ups where minions should be kept in defense mode. Something Gargos players don’t do since most don’t actually know what they’re doing with him.

I just find Dretch more annoying to deal with cause his erratic movements makes him harder to hit for me.

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Yeah He’s a harder target. There’s only certain mus where I’ll draw him before izzik. Particularly spinal or Jago due to him absorbing more projectiles.

I also find Izzik to be the better of the two. I use him a lot. You have to learn to pick him up right as they would normally hit him and toss him behind people hehe works great. He a walking combo breaker.

Same I always call out my Izzik minion, keits wasn’t kidding when he said Dretch is so disobedient lol.