Buff for Shago in the RAAM patch?

Just hopped on training mode maybe 15 minutes ago and Shago’s pizza cutter is +10 on block. Is this accurate? I thought his pizza cutter lost its advantage in the last patch.

It did, the +10 on Pizza Cutter just means he can land safely without much fear of punishment based on how high off the ground he his at the time. Basically, it takes him around 4 or 6 frames (depending on where he is in his jump arch and whether he’s on hit 2 or 3) to land plus the 4 frames of trip guard, so if done from the correct height, it basically means by the time Shadow Jago lands, he’s about even with his opponent instead of being at a disadvantage on block.

Originally it was MUCH more positive on block. So +10 just lets him land a little safely, but not be at a huge advantage.


Thanks for the clarification. I thought I was tripping lol.