Buff eyedol damage

He does so much work just to get in and do combos in warrior form and even if i counter break enemy or they lockout ill end the combo after doing a series of heavy auto doubles and get out about 39 % of course with damage ender “so called” . The mage form does more damage than the warrior form but it is harder to get a descent combo .i know eyedol got nerfed really freaking hard after his first couple of weeks from being released and tbh i believe he got hit way too hard so hard you’ll barley see any eyedols in ranked which is sad honestly. Also eyedol doesnt have a specific damage linker so if not buff his overall damage how buffing one of his linkers ?:thinking::upside_down_face: please i wanna have more fun using this big ole rage monster on the path of vengance agaisnt gargos​:cry::cry:.

Mage deals less damage than warrior, and Eyedol deals respectable damage on instinct.

Also, he deals really good chip damage on block.

Dunno man, he is really good and IMO he is in a good spot

He isn’t bad with those nice positive buttons and moves.
But I can’t talk much because I hate boss characters =\

Excuse me?

You got something to say?

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Lol, forgot about her! Thanks for the reminder xD However I was specially thinking about Eyedol, Gargos and Shago.

You were coming this close to getting these hands.

Really ive done 45% in mage form with the damage ender and the highest i’ve gotten with warrior 40% but i just feel like when it comes to facing shago or fulgore he just cant compete :thinking: glacius as well.


There you can find Eyedol’s optimal combos for a lockdown. Mage deals less damage than warriot, for sure.

Anyway, Eyedol doesn’t need high damage to be fearsome. He is fully loaded with tools to create chaos

You know how Raam has only one linker because he does so well outside the combo system? Same thing applies to Mage Eyedol. His zoning is really good and meteors do decent damage, and they can be followed by Telestrike to gain almost fullscreen space and do the whole thing over again. Eyedol does good damage if you use him right.

Oh wow !!!:laughing:this stuff on eyedol is amazing how did you find this ? So now that i look at the data and compare my personal gameplay the problem is that i rely on insticnt heavly when it comes to making a comeback or confirming a win. Also i rarely use shadow moves with eyedol in combos because i like to save it for shadow dp to catch opponents from attempting to pressure me or shadow shadow shoulder to push through projectiles

If you didn’t know about this guide, Infilament(a member of this forum) made it, and you can find all characters(except Kilgore) and pretty much anything gameplay related to the game.

I highly recomend you to read it all!

Another thing ive actually never noticed is how much more damage eyedol gets in instinct. I think its just that eyedol has so much moves and tools that i overlooked alot of the important ones

Now that you mention it i do see it

Training mode, a little elbow grease, and not a lot of asking for buffs goes a long way.

(Seriously though, Eyedol is quite good even with lower than average combo damage, try finding ways to hit with lots of high-damage normals and smothering your opponent in the neutral game first! Then take whatever damage you get in combos as a bonus.)