Bring back to Eternal Champions coming to Xbox One

Would You like to see Eternal Champions on Xbox One? Lets get vote here :slight_smile:

Eternal Champions (Sega Genesis Version).


Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side (Original Sega CD version).

Sega Genesis Vs Sega CD

Eternal Champions (Sega Genesis).

Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark SIde (Sega Cd Version).

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I only played the Sega CD version and it was pretty good had some issues there and there but the CD version was mainly an updated version of the Genesis version. But i really want Sega to reboot the game but if Microsoft wants to make it an Xboxone and or Win10 exclusive by buying out 40% or 60% of the rights to the game then im fine with that. Eternal Champions is one of those fighting games that deserves a Second chance, not to mention that the Fatalities were pretty gruesome for a 16 bit game.

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