Bring back Thunders Tomahawk move?

So the new sammamish followups have been introduced.
Is anyone in favor of changing his HK(I think it is the HK) followup into a new animation based on his old tomahawkmove instead?

I think it would look better if he was diving downward with his axe instead of his regular jumpkick.

We’re just talking about changing the animation, correct? I’d sign up for that. It might be a bit too confusing for opponents that it has the same look as jumping HK, so having a unique animation that’s a bit of a throwback to the original game would be cool.

That was my idea back when we were guessing and I thought for sure it would be the new move but instead the wheee! knee and the drop kick…Tomahawk would have been so much better!

Im afraid it is too late…

It’s been mentioned many times. They just don’t bother.

Everything from the KIWC is a work in progress and subject to change - and though I don’t know enough about game development to claim this as absolute, I think designing the animation for a single hit air move might be fairly light work.

So who knows? Maybe we’ll see this change. At first I was going to say it wouldn’t happen due to it being a kick button move, but at the same time, Ankle Slicer uses kick buttons too.

Personally I think Thunders heavy kick off samamish is too ranged for him. He uses that drop kick animation that reaches so far. If it were the tomahawk follow up like in KI1 it could be a little less ranged but still give him the arcing mobility when he needs to chop some space between him and an opponent.