Bring back this feature please

One of the features that was patched in training mode, was the ability to try out characters that you did not own using the record feature. I am not sure about you all but that feature enticed me to want to support the game even more. Without that feature, I don’t even know how Shin Hisako or Kilgore plays anymore. It should be brought back in a future patch and left alone in my opinion.

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You’ve never been able to try characters you don’t own in training, trust me, I tried this ALL during season 2.

You can however play as them during Shadow Lords if you complete their respective unlock quests, regardless of your ownership status of them, but only for one run or so.

Really? That is interesting. This should be a thing in my opinion. I hope they see the benefit in this. Some players want to play offline as well.

It’s not something that I think has ever actually been in there, but it would be a nice feature. That way people have a way to practice with/against the character, even if they’re unavailable like Kilgore.

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