Bring back frames/borders and side profiles

This forum is a minimalist eyesore. It’s very annoying to read since everything blends together and it’s hard to differentiate different threads and posts from different users.

I can’t stand that the borders are only tiny grey lines and that the only way to tell who posted what is a tiny avatar and username. Originally it was a large frame to the left of the post where you could see the poster’s username and info. Furthermore it was possible to have signatures. Please, if possible, bring these features back. Make it look like a phpbb forum again. The original forums weren’t broke so I didn’t see a need to fix them.

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Wanting the forum to look like phpbb is really odd. Those old design philosophies were based on a table-based style from the mid 90s… and it shows.

Now, if you’re suggesting things like maybe zebra-coloring the rows so they stand out more? Ehh, I think that could possibly work. As far as wanting to see the person’s info… just click the avatar, a popup comes up.

Seeing everyone’s post count just encourages minimal effort posts in the hopes of increasing their post count.

As far as signatures, I doubt we’ll see them here any time soon. The discourse developers don’t seem to keen on developing the feature, nor as there been any module support development for it yet. While the staff here could write their own, I’d imagine their development time could be better spent doing other things. If I ever get around to writing my own signature plugin for Discourse, I’ll commit it to GitHub. Who knows.

You’ve been in their forums looking through everything, too, huh?! :smiley:

Yes it is very noticeable that the Discourse fellows prefer cleanliness when it comes to their forums. However we will still investigate what is possible.

Oh, I’ve frequented their forums for a few months now and switched most of our own projects to discourse based solutions.

I was quite pleased to see you guys also ended up switching to Discourse :).