Breaking Hisako

HIsako is too damn hard to combo break!!! LOL…that is all!! :smiling_imp:

I’ve been practicing breaking her in combo break training and even with the icons I have a tough time…whew, she doesn’t play man. I hate guess breaking but i cant tell the difference in her auto doubles and when i do think i recognize one…she delays it.

Don’t blame you. Her delay makes it very hard to break. You see the heavy so you break. But she delayed it. I just go for the linkers now.

ahhh! good idea! I never thought of just going for the linkers…I guess I need to train my self to break linkers. Ive always gone for the ADs and most people break ADS as well.

SO how do you tell the difference in a linker strength to break them?

It depends on the linker. The main trick is try to go for the heavy linkers. Those hit 3 times. Her Slash linkers are pretty easy. The one that goes behind you and back is a pain. Once the Hisako player realizes this,they will start using normal auto doubles and then you can break them.

Shoot! Aint nothing easy about breaking Hisako LOL! But Im going to give it a shot…thanks for the tips!

The delayed doubles need to be broken upon the point of impact; thankfully, there’s a pretty big break window once they hit.

When my opponents lock out on Influence linkers, it’s almost always because they try to break too early.

Yes, this is true, but it’s the suspense of the impact that kills me.

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Yeah, I generally recommend breaking Hisako’s linkers. The lights are unreactable of course, but the mediums and especially the heavies can often be tagged on reaction. Hisako has some of the slowest heavy linkers in the game I feel like, and they have pretty big tells. The ORZ linker is just incredibly slow when done heavy, and the influence linker’s three hit audio cue is pretty noticeable.

Don’t mash on her linkers though - influence has a delay before it hits, so it’s quite good at causing orange lockouts on people who try to mash on your linkers.