Brawlout (Smash Bros Successor)

A Super Smash Bros Successor Brawlout is coming to Xboxone this Q3 2017 -


It actually looks kind of cool, but honestly they are treading a very dangerous line as it is mimicking Smash Brothers almost down to a T. The reality is, there will never be a replacement for Smash Brothers, for the simple fact that people like playing it not just because it is fun as it can be, but because you are playing as Nintendo characters.

Still though you can’t help but admire this game’s charms. At least it isn’t trying to be a clone Smash Brothers with Playstation/Xbox mascots.

Looks fun and interesting

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Cautiously interested in this, but would cool if we could atleast get some guest characters from xbox and ps4.

Like Riptor and Sabewulf, Rachet/Clank and Slycooper.

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Isn’t Rivals of Aether already a smash bros. knockoff?

Yup, but y’know the deal, the fluffier looking title gets most of the hype.

The game looks okay but it’ll just make me want to play the actual Smash game.

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Iconic characters are definitely a part of the equation.

I’d say WB or Disney could whip up a good collection of characters, provided they actually have good developers onboard.

CartoonNetwork Punchtime Explosion XL was cool idea, just badly executed … (not total garbage but suffers from weirdness like anticlimactic victory screen, being pulled into the main menu after EVERY match, and the cut scenes…:expressionless:)

For a second, I thought this was going to be a Xbox All-Stars fighting game…guess I was wrong.


I knew you were gonna say something like that. lol.

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