Boxing gloves?

Okay, I’ve had a think after my Ali suggestion and let me change tact because I’ve had a different idea.

Once everything from S3 is out I think there is room for more accessories, much like a suggestion I made previously about Arbiter’s weapons.

Anyway, I was going over TJ’s accessories earlier and I noticed that he doesn’t actually have any traditional closed boxing gloves which is actually kinda odd when you think about it. So, how about some of those?

You can already have topless TJ (giggity) with the street fighting set, so I think it would be right to just have him like that but with boxing gloves instead.
I’d like to see gloves in colours that pay homage to boxers both real and fictional. Call them something like legend gloves or prizefighter gloves… or just boxing gloves.

Red, because of every boxer ever. (+Balrog, Ippo…)
Blue, you can’t have red without blue (also Dudley).
Yellow. (Steve Fox)
Green. (Little Mac)
Black. (Muhammad Ali)
Brown, vintage, weathered and worn.

Obviously if we’re going to get more accessories in general further down the line, I’d love them to be free and retroactively added in as more incentive to level up characters.
But if they had to be premium, then I’d suggest offering them for KI Gold but with the option to buy a bundle of all colours for a lower total.

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