Bought S2 Ultra Edition but No Gold?

So I bought Season 2 Ultra edition? wasnt I supposed to get some KI Gold with the purchase? I see 0 amount in the game, what gives?

and cant record game play in the xbox app, why not?

Under the games description it doesnt show that any KI Gold was included, I know with Season 3 there was KI Gold included, here is Season 2 Ultra’s description

The Ultimate KI Season 2 pack. 8 new fighters (starting with TJ Combo & Maya), 8 costumes, 16 premium accessory packs – all released as the season progresses. Plus the KI2 Classic game (ESRB:Mature). Fight On!

Oh okay got it. but strange I cant record the game with the xbox app

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Nope season 2 never included gold only shago and season 3 include gold, I think the packs that offer season 1 2 3 and 1 2 as a bundle include some gold

Yeah the Killer Instinct Supreme Edition that comes with all 3 seasons comes with the 18,000 KI Gold, but it says limited time only… just like Season 3 Ultra Edition…