Bought KI gold, credit card was charged but I got nothing

I bought 3 package of KI gold last week and got absolutly nothing. Every time I clicked “buy” I got the 0x801901890 error. My credit card was charged for everything. Microsoft support wont do anything and just told me to wait but its been more than a week. As far as I understand, the forum is pretty much the only customer support for Killer instinct. Can anybody help me?

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Oooh i’d call your bank and have them erasED.
I always buy xbox or Psn giftcards and then use them online.

Too many windows for oddities

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Same thing happened to me, dude. After about 24 hours, I got a hold of Microsoft customer service chat. Guy on the other end advised me to wait for a period of up to 48 - 72 hours. Which I did. It has now been over 72 hours since I made my purchase, and still have yet to see any extra KI gold in my game. Going to try to talk with them again later today. If they give me the same answer (wait), then I’ll want to speak to the guy in charge. If all else fails, then my bank will be getting a call from me to cancel a certain transaction.

one individual bought KI gold,bought stuff in shadow lords and a game bug erased all his stuff. at least you haven’t spent the KI gold. if and when u do get your gold stay far far away from shadow lords

Free tip for anyone effected by this:
Don’t bother with Microsoft customer support. I have suffered this particular hell so you don’t have to. After over 2 hours of them playing transfer tag with me, I finally got a hold of an agent that was friendly enough, but worked at the pace of a sloth. Was on the call with this person for over an hour, constantly listening to them say, “Ah…” Okay…" “Uhm, let me seeeeeee…” “Hmmm…” and so on. In the end, the support agent told me that I would have to get in contact with the game’s publisher (Microsoft Studios) in order to get a refund on my purchase, and said they would send an email with their contact information. I am currently waiting for said email. If it doesn’t show up by tomorrow, after work, then I’ll be calling my bank to cancel and refund the purchase. Tired of being the customer service ping-pong ball.

Just in case you’re curious, here is a breakdown of what I’ve been going through trying to get this issue resolved:

Purchase made on Oct 3rd. No KI gold received. Checked my bank and saw that the money was indeed deducted from my account, plus I got an email from the Microsoft store detailing what I purchased, the amount spent, and the order number. Decided to give it till tomorrow as sometimes purchases can be delayed.

Next day, Oct 4th. Finished with work and came home to play some KI (yay!). Started the game and went into the store menu to check if I had my KI gold. Negative. So I initiated online chat support. Got an agent that after about 30 minutes of exchanging information with him (and letting him copy/paste his obvious script into the chat box), told me to give it up to 48 to 72 hours to wait for the transaction to complete. Basically: wait some more.

Oct 5th - Came home and checked the store. Still no gold. We are at the 48 hour mark, so I decided to be patient and give it more time.

Oct 6th - Still no in game currency. So I decided to directly call Microsoft customer support and see what can be done to either complete the purchase, or get it cancelled/refunded.
First call - Waited about 3-5 minutes for an agent to pickup the line (not bad). Was on the phone with this guy for about 30 minutes. I guess he was not all that familiar with the PC, because he instructed me to use the Xbox app to “Manage Game.” This option was not there, so he decided that the best way to get rid of me was to transfer me to the technical department. Was on hold during the transfer for about 5 minutes when a guy (who’s English was not so great) picked up. After about 10 minutes of trying to explain my situation to him, he determined that I had been transferred to the wrong department. So he transferred me back to basically the beginning (the exact same initial message you hear when you call the support line).
Second call - 15 minutes of waiting for an agent to pickup. Eventually, got a guy to which I had to explain the whole situation over again. After about 20 minutes of explaining my problem, verifying that I am who I say I am, & him pulling up whatever information he has. He decides to put me on hold while he is looking for something. I say okay. After about 5 minutes on hold, the jack-■■■ hangs up on me. Gave him a few minutes to call back, because they ask for a callback number in case the call is dropped or disconnected. Guess what…? He didn’t call back. Jerk.
Third call - Was on the line waiting for an agent to pickup for around 30 minutes (terrible). Eventually got the support agent that had to be the slowest worker in the entire department. On the phone with this person for over an hour while they continually talked to them self. I cannot explain in text how excruciating this felt. I’ll just say that after over an hour of them saying “Ah…” “Okay…” Hmmm…" and so on, the agent eventually wanted to transfer me to somewhere else. I said no, no, no, no, no. Explained that I’ve already been transferred enough. If we cannot fix this, just cancel/refund the purchase. So, after about another 15 minutes of them working at a snails pace, they tell me that they would have to get me in contact with the publisher in order to get a refund on my transaction. At this point, I was so done being on the phone that I conceded. The agent said they would send me an email with the publisher’s contact information after I got off the phone with them. I have yet to receive this email.

Basically, don’t bother with Microsoft’s “customer service.” Unless you like waiting, being on hold, being transferred, or spending hours of your time to not having your issue resolved. I would like to pose a question to Microsoft’s customer support staff: If you can’t solve a problem as trivial or commonplace as this, then what good are you?

I’m just going to call my bank tomorrow and get this over with. Let this be a lesson, fellow forum members. I have endured this torment, so you don’t have to.

I’m in a similar case.

Bought KI Gold on Win 10, yesterday, Oct. 8th, and got an error from the Windows Store interface with an error 0x80190910, and that something happened on their end. My purchase history shows that I was charged the amount.

I tried to buy some gold for a different, smaller, amount. Got the same error, got charged again, but didn’t get the gold, purchase history in my Microsoft Account shows I was charged.

I’ll wait until tomorrow, or Tuesday, to check in with Microsoft, or my bank.

Hey guys. Haven’t been able to post an update on this for you, since my power went out and only came back up recently (dang hurricane).

Called my bank and the young lady that answered had the transaction cancelled and a credit sent to my account for the amount spent in less than 5 minutes. I was absolutely shocked, and pleased. In less than 300 seconds, this person had done far, far more than what 4 members of the MS support staff could do in over 3 hours. Just think about that, Microsoft.

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Ty all for your answers. I guess ill just call my bank too… Its sad really that I have to go through so much trouble just to give my money for a game i like…

So, here’s an interesting plot twist. Not sure exactly why this happened, but I logged into KI recently and noticed that I have extra KI gold on my account. Interestingly enough, it’s the exact amount that I attempted to purchase before (at the start of this thread, almost a month ago). After all the customer support hell I went through, and finally calling up my bank to get my money back, I’m not sure why it’s here now. Weird. I’m not even sure if I should spend it on anything since it’s purchase authenticity could be brought in dispute later. Knowing good 'ol MS, that could take another month, at least.

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