Bought definitive edition, can only select 1 character

Hi there everyone, I finally got around to buy and install KI on my PC. I just bought the definitive edition from the MS store I start it up, and I can only select riptor as a character…

anyone know what I can do to select all characters?

friendly thanks Santaclaus

Sounds like the weirdest damn bug I’ve ever heard of. It sound like it’s only giving access to the Free Rotating character (not sure if Riptor is even free right now) even though you bought the whole game.

I’d stick this in the Official Bug Thread at the soonest opportunity. This is one of those issues the devs are really going to wanna take a look at ASAP

Usually I’ve heard of this on the Xbox, and it’s usually a simple fix: I’d recommend rebooting your computer, and if that doesn’t work try checking to make sure the game is fully installed and maybe reinstalling it.

Those typically fix this on an Xbox so I definitely advise trying those first.

Also, maybe try resetting your computers clock, and making sure it’s Daylight Savings and Timezone settings are accurate. I know, it sounds crazy, but way back during S3 launch I bought the full game and had the exact same buggy experience, Riptor and all - my solution worked.

Hope one of the suggestions in here helps. Sucks to hear it’s still happening, and now w/ the DE.

I forgot about the clock/region/time zone thing but yeah, this is definitely somehing to check.

On the plus side, this one character issue is typically a relatively easy problem to fix and I don’t think it reoccurs once you fix it!

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It’s never reoccurred for me, anyway. Pretty easy fix too.