Bonus Retro Colors

When are we going to see those?

Agreed. Alot of characters are missing basic colors/color schemes that almost every character has. My two favorite colors are black and red (technically my favorite is black with red accents but that’s getting too specific, lol). Would personally love a Red Color for Retro Cinder matching the one he has in his primary costume that color is awesome on him. And I desperately need a Black and/or Red Color for Orchid’s Retro. She had them in the old KIs and now they are oddly missing, lol. Of course Black with Red accents lining and lettering would be best but hey I don’t want too sound greedy.

Do I want these colors instead of the GAZILLION other things the Devs are bringing us? No of course not, but somewhere down the line? Sure if they have the time/money. Hopefully the will if we all buy the Characters/Skins, etc. being released!

P.S. Since the Terror Skins are some play on Color 9 and Spinal’s (My main) looks kinda like smoldering bones I hope his terror skin kicks THAT up a notch with charred black bones and glowing red heat with a cool black/red scheme for his clothes/gear. YES I may have a fetish for black/red and fire. No I don’t consider it a problem. In conclusion, a huge thank you, @developers, for all your awesome work. This game has been worth the wait, every penny, and yes even buying an XBox just for it.

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