Bomb Grab Cancel. Bug or tool?!108&authkey=!AErDVFgnJJXfRVM&ithint=video%2Cmp4

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Definitely bug.

Post it in the bug thread.

Nice finding!


This is pretty cool lol I dunno if it’s technically a bug though. He just tries to activate the bomb as it disappears and it doesn’t get a chance to explode. Seems more like a tool to me, but they could always find a way to fix it if they feel it shouldn’t be allowed.

I’d quote but not sure how on mobile. Not sure about other characters besides Hisako, but AFAIK she’s the only character who can combo off of her normal grab, and the KV starts out super high that way.

EDIT: Remembered Jago and Shago… But pretty sure those are also high KV and definitely intentional.

With this bomb grab cancel, Cinder can convert a grab into a FULL combo. That cannot be intentional lol.

No yea, this is definitely not intentional, but nothing is operating outside of what it’s “supposed” to do. That’s why I’m hesitant to call it a bug… That doesn’t mean I don’t think it should be altered though, it probably should, but I was just saying technically Id call it a tool than a bug.

It’s more of an unintended side effect than a bug. The easy fix would probably be to make it so that the bomb can’t disappear if Cinder activates it at the end of it’s timer. Either way it’s super super situational so I doubt they’ll be in a rush to fix it.

This is totally a bug. But it’s so impractical that it doesn’t really need attention. Is anyone ever going to intentionally land something like this in a real match? Will it become a game-changing factor? I doubt it.

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I’m with @BHswordsman09 on this. While it may be a bug of some sort, the timing in an actual match would be extremely difficult to pull off given the game’s pace and the aggressive offense needed, and most opponent’s aren’t going to make any setups using this technique easy. Your chances of landing it in an actual match and making good use of it are incredibly low.

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As far as characters who can combo off of grabs:
-Jago/Shago both have juggle opportunities
-Thunder’s back-throw acts as both an opener and a linker
-Glacius and Omen can both start combos on the corner with a manual
-Hisako can use hers as an opener
-Cinder can cancel throw to detonate a bomb for an air juggle (and in Season 3 he can cancel into a Level 1 burnout ender)
-Lots of stagger and wall bounces, but those usually end it
So throws into combos aren’t uncommon :stuck_out_tongue:

However I do think this is a bit of a bug maybe. It doesn’t seem too practical though since you have to wait forever to get it in time.