Blood, gore, and guts

I’m a fan of Ki graphics, but I want to see extreme,
Carnage… Let loose. Make KI, like it should.
I want blood and guts.

“Like it should.”


LOL American Psycho?
" The best part of the flick"…

There is already a game for blood and guts. Go play it if thats what you want.

KI is not about that. That has already been settled.

I don’t know what you mean?
But if you say so …

I want Riptor to dig your heart out.

Go play MKX if you want blood and gore. That game has plenty.


This is a violent setting, so be violent…

It’s like watching Wolverine flicks at PG 13.
I’m still waiting for the real wolverine.

The developers made it perfectly clear that they weren’t going to add more blood and guts into the game years ago. They’ve also made it clear that the topic is not open to discussion (several times, in fact). The content of the game is going to continue as is.

This thread is 100% guaranteed to go nowhere.


Go watch Logan, in theaters now.

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OK. I just cannot see Riptor hungry.
Riptor is a good baby.

We’ve gone through this many of times but there won’t be any M rating for the game as previously noted here and elsewhere on the forums.