Blonde Ultratech Agent

I’d rather she be Orchid rival’s. Someone who was a double agent working for both the SWD & Ultratech.

But what kind of superhuman abilities would you give her?

Think Sonya & Kano.

Yeah I guess she could be Orchids rival. Like I said she has a gun and looks pretty ripped so I’d maker her the gun character everyone wants and also have good martial arts skills. She also seems to have gold plating around her wrists could be turned into something in her modern design. The current dress she has would be an alt or retro and I would giver her a new tactical suit costume like Sonya and maybe make her like The Black Widow of Ultra Tech. If they get rid of the gun they can make her just stealthy infiltration character with lots of lethal martial arts. Maybe Someone like Snake from MGS. I personally like Silver Sable and Black Cat, both are stealthy characters that don’t need guns. Make her a master thief.

Orchid definitely needs a rival, currently just the corporation of Ultra tech just doesnt seem like enough to keep her story important IMO. Not everyone can be against just Aria. Everyone needs at least 1 character they are somewhat against or matched up with in the the story

If this blonde female is gonna be Orchid’s rival, what if she was from the SWD and later joined Ultratech?

I don’t think she’ll go for the Disavowed.

If she’ll have martial arts skill like Black Widow, Sonya, Silver Sable & Black Cat, what if she had a bow & arrow as her weapon.


Id really like for it to be Kara from the Comics… but I think we are stuck with our current story set up for a while now. Not looking like its gonna happen. Maybe S4?

It wold be awesome of she was an Android. So she would look like a blonde human female on the outside, but actually a robot on the inside. Or maybe a cyborg, she could have a human skeleton as a “frame”, but be robotic outside of that, and then all the robotics/cybernetics could be covered with synthetic skin and stuff to make her look like a normal human female


Where would blonde females be in?

  • England?
  • Australia?
  • Ireland?
  • Sweden?
  • Russia?
  • South Africa?

Sweden, duh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Forgot to add Russia too.

South Africa.


Just because it isn’t stereotypical. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe that’ll work.

Any way to make a blonde fighter be an agent for Ultratech? A super soldier? Black Widow style?

That’s what I was thinking yeah.

Trying to think of other women in canon that can be used in the future, and the only one I really come to a lot is Dr. Gupte, the scientist who created the Riptors. Sure in canon they then killed her, but it’s Killer Instinct they’re talking about. How many characters are still “alive” to begin with? There’s always room for another sin-against-god on Ultratech’s side.

Shadoloo has “The Dolls”.

Maybe Ultratech can do something about that.

Fulgores and Riptors maybe?