How do you block ppl ingame? (it has a block list). There’s a guy screaming crap at me for beating him despite he must feel amazing with all those stars (poor me, I’m just a goldie rank on Steam :cry: )
If I beat someone trying to random me out and guessbreaking every second with a gimmicky character and having to deal with the screaming…Nah, I’m not having a great day and honestly I doesn’t help playing this scrubby person. Any tips to block this bad loser? It’s really boring playing him tbh.


I don’t think you can block people on ranked. But you should be able to mute your opponent by hitting start on the character select screen.

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At the start of matches, I mute every opponent. I’ve encountered a guy that added me to his friend’s list after losing consecutively only to throw insults and request a FT10 to prove that he earned those stars. I used Steam’s interface to block all communication and to block them. Hopefully, it works … although it’d be kind of sad, as I gain most of my points from beating him :grin:

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