Block String Help

As a Jago main I would love some pointers on how to improve my block string game. I’m pretty good at reacting to other character’s options as the defender, but I really want to improve myself as the offender. Thanks.

Ask @TheNinjaOstrich

He might can help you!

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I don’t know Jago specific strings but the general rule is: Turn on frame data, look at your advantage on block for your special moves, look at the start up of your normals and figure out which ones will beat out all your opponent’s button presses after blocking your special moves. Start off with really tight traps to train your opponent to simply block, then once you have them afraid to press buttons start going to better mix ups with the over head. throw, and less tight frame traps.

double roundhouse, cl mk, cr lk, far mp/hp all work well together. Try crlk, crlk, stmp, fb, sfb to get started. Heck just mashing cl mk on someones wake up bodies most noobz online. You can end your strings with a windick then do something like dp cancelled into sfb

LOL I love how apparently I’m the go to guy for hands on Jago practice. Love you guys! :heart_decoration:

Sure, @DiagonalSpy07 I’ll help any way I can.

So more offensive with Jago? What are you having trouble with?

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If block strings are what you want, then double roundhouse, laser sword, close MK, crouch LK are going to be your tools of trade.

To be perfectly honest, I think what you’re really looking for is plus frames, strings that allow you to pressure your opponent while giving you additional leeway to apply more pressure. All of the above are good ways to attack someone while maintaining that frame advantage.

First of all thank you all for your advise. I’m sure it will greatly come in handy.

As for TheNingaOstrich’s question: Basically I feel like I’m focusing too much on Jago’s defensive options (since he’s very strong in that area), to the point where I finally go offensive I easily get snuffed out. **Especially ** against zoners like Glacius and Kan-ra who give me absolute heck! So it would great be for some assistance in block strings so I can be a bit more in control of the match.

So far my most used BS is roundhouse,,, to windkick/endokuken or an overhead for the occasional mix-up. I want to expand more on that.

Well, if you’re interested primarily in block strings (and again, remaining at plus frames and therefore the offensive), then you should never be ending your pressure with windkick OR endokuken. Both moves are negative and punishable at higher strengths by the entire cast (exactly by what depending on resources and spacing). If you’re going for guaranteed continued pressure, then you should be ending each string with laser sword, several versions of which are plus on block. Windkick and endokuken will leave you sitting in front of your opponent blocking in the best of situations - to throw those out and have them blocked is to essentially give your opponent the next move. You can somewhat cover this up by forcing the opponent to respect your DP option after windkick, but this is a gamble.

The reason I keep mentioning plus frames is because moves that have them basically force the opponent to sit still and take your mixup. There’s a reason no one ever presses a button after blocking double roundhouse - because you can’t, and anything you try will get stuffed by whatever Jago decides to do next. If you’re after continuous Jago pressure, then I highly recommend that you stick to throwing out things that leave you in this advantageous position. Out of his specials, laser sword is the one you want to maintain your pressure.

Oh okay that makes more sense. Thanks for the help.

well sometimes i DP after blocking RH lol

Isn’t that a contradiction in terms? :confounded:


…but ending a combo-string with his fireball builds meter, which Jago can definitely use on the offensive later on. Also, higher-level players will know to block cancel into shadow-counter against Jago’s forward-moving spin kick, so he will never be able to take advantage of his move’s plus frames in the 1st place, so even doing that carries risk, so long as the opponent has meter.

Lol. I respect it @BobbiLingAYahoo I’d do it myself if my characters had a DP - force them to think about it the next time they want to use double roundhouse->throw :grin:

@GalacticGeek - Jago builds large amounts of meter pretty much regardless of how he chooses to end his block strings. If you’re blocking Jago, he’s pretty much guaranteed to be building a not-insignificant amount of bar while you’re locked down. The TC is primarily interested in continuous applied pressure, so that’s what I’m addressing here. A fireball to end a close block string leaves you negative in front of your opponents, virtually the opposite of his stated attention.

And yes, double roundhouse is quite shadow counterable, especially at high level. So are any normal->special strings that Jago has access to however, and so is jump HP->button. All of these still have their places in your offense however, and the onus is on you as a player to know when to pull them out. Not every double roundhouse is shadow countered even when the opponent has meter, and many, many players don’t bother to shadow counter it at all. And there are always points in ANY match when your opponent will not have a full shadow stock to counter with. Double roundhouse absolutely has its place even at high level - the trick is knowing when to pull it out.

Close MK frame traps are also fantastic for those situations when you don’t want to chance the obvious shadow counter, but still want those sweet, sweet plus frames @DiagonalSpy07 . Learn to apply them as meaties on wakeup, and work on mixing in throws with that pressure to set them up for counter hits for trying to tech the throw next time.

Thanks man. Going to the lab now for testing.

I actually don’t use Double Roundhouse into DP, and I get weird looks for it, lol. It’s not my style. I like to use Jago Offensively, but not do something unsafe into DP. Sure, every now and then I’ll do that to condition the opponent to stop pushing buttons, but meh. :slightly_smiling:

Have you tried mixing normals with Fireballs? It’s a great tool, and helps you gain Meter.

Even better, I can make a video of me fighting a Killer CPU, and you can see how I move and be Offensive. Maybe you can pick up some things watching. I can show you block strings in Instinct too. You’d be ok with that? I’m not good at explaining things, but I can show you very well.

I do that quite often. Not only for meter but also for frame traps with Mainly heavy FB because I felt like it lets me recover fast enough to block the next attack. I’m going to have to go to the lab to find out specifically, but I think I’ve been proven wrong.

It’s actually unsafe in a way. So be careful. And I’ll make a video. I can show you better than explain.

i meant dp jago after you block his RH. Id never do RH into DP

I do those. That’s fun. Lol

I can attest to this, as it is something I myself have only recently learned. I’m still trying to figure out areas where I can take advantage of the shadow counter.

A good question I guess I would like to ask in this regard is, what is the frame data for a shadow counter(s) compared to other moves - knowing that, I think would be beneficial in figuring out when to apply it.

Depends on the character, as not all shadow counters are created equal. Some of the better ones in the game are Sadira’s (2 frame start-up, low and projectile invincibility), Jago’s (fast, low and projectile invincibility), and Aganos’. Characters with awful shadow counters include Maya, Hisako, and Aria.

I’m not sure what the frames are on Aganos’, but I know that it’s pretty fast after the freeze, and I think it has some weird invincibility properties in terms of just straight up not having a hurtbox until a certain point. I think I saw @LeoFerreis talking about it in a thread a little while back