Blasphemous Game

A mixture of Dante’s Inferno, Devil May Cry, and Castlevania anyone? :slight_smile: :wink:

NO…it is Boodborne / Dark souls meets castlevania. That is their entire premise behind the game. I have followed this on kick starter for seems like 4 years now. Its finally here!

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So no Heaven and Hell, not exactly, or their OWN take on Heaven and Hell and overall Christianity for that matter?

Im not sure… I think it is based more on another world like Dark souls. Its an Italian based development company so they have some really dark ideas.

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Surprised Nintendo allowed it, I remember when they censored UnEpic on the WiiU for it’s graphic content yet this game goes pretty far for a modern M-Rated game (at least one that isn’t the Witcher series).

So is this Switch exclusive? I know trailers on the official channels never mention their competitors, but Nintendo has gotten some games we didn’t expect to be exclusive (Ultimate Alliance 3, etc.). If so, I’ll just hope the Switch Lite is worth the $200 asking price when it releases in September.

No it should be on all consoles… especially PS4

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nintendo is no longer censoring 3rd party games. they have said as much anyway, and are going to let the ratings board do their job. so far, it seems they are holding true especially with the waifu bait games that are on the eshop hahaha

I’ll probably keep it in my radar. It looks like it has influence from some really fun series and the art style is really cool. Happy to hear it’s multi-platform!

Yeah, they’ve been better about that for a while. Anyone remember Madworld? That had some fun brutal kills. like the one where you’d shake up a soda bottle, lodge it in someone’s head, and let the bubble stream launch them into spiked targets shaped like bikini models. Nintendo lost their chill a while ago

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i have that game sitting around in my house, sucks i cant play it lol it was really fun

Honestly, this game’s art style and atmosphere is truly a breath of fresh air for me. I’m a sucker for dark religious tones in video games and this is just a great game for that.

I saw some of the bosses for this game and the one where the statue of Mary holding the dead Jesus is actually Mary holding some hellspawn full of thorns and it comes to life trying to kill you. . Honestly I was freaking out on how edgy and interesting that was. Also the endings for this game is just dang. Hits all the right notes.


im lovin the rising of these really dark 2D side scrollers that are coming out. i want to play this beast and then i want to get this one too:


So is it basically a cross between Metroid and Contra for this game? :wink: :slight_smile: :+1:

so it would seem, i am wondering if it will be metroidish in the sense that you can freely explore. or, will it be level based? not sure yet. but im lookin forward to this one as well

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