Has the team seen about acquiring the actual Blade character for the game instead of the crappy T.J. Combo rip off costume???

And have to deal with the hassle of getting the marvel charecter in a fighting game(yes blade is a marvel character)? I can bet the costume is all we are getting.

Personally, I would rather they do a homage to D’ if they were going to do a Vampire Hunter character.

mmm i doubt we would have another vampire charecter so soon after mira. maybe, just maybe in season 4 along side eyedol, mira’s king or tsar, as the russian term is called, might be a charecter as a second villan but i doubt they would go for a look like guy in the picture. he seems more like a good guy or a anti-hero.the vampire king might look like a mixture of genghis khan, oni from street fighter, that vampire guy from darkstalkers with a healthy dose of Augus from Asura.

i feel like they didnt spend so much time hinting about the Tsar’s plan to not do anything about it or show him off and his supposed power.

Personally I don’t think we need another one. Since well, we already got a vampire. Now if there was a character who just had Blade’s aesthetics and not the concept as a vampire I’m down for that. But not as a guest or as a vamp though.

Personally I think we had enough of those already.