Blade body overhead

Does the overhead not gain +4 frames of advantage from a CH? Seeing as how her overhead is +4 on hit. Because I can’t seem to link a simple jab after it. It should be easy, a nice 4f link.

As far as I remember, jabs hits on frame 5, so a +4 advantage isn’t enough

After a Counterhit? The overhead should be more then enough to easily link a jab afterwards with it being naturally +4. It should be +8 then should it not?

I didnt read the counter hit for some reason :confounded:

Sorry, no idea then

Hmmmmmm I think it’s bugged. Wouldn’t surprise me actually. Seeing as how there seems to be alot of bugs with ARIA…or at least I think they’re bugs…

Counter hit values are not consistent for all characters. Several s2 characters (not sure about s3) gain different amounts of additional hitstun on a counter hit. From example AFAIK Riptor can link more attacks after far MK than close MK, even though close is naturally +7 and far is +4. She can certainly link the same stuff (might be misremembering on more stuff) buy she is clearly getting more extra advantage on the far one.

That’s…kinda dumb. I mean…so even if I get a CH on her overhead the only thing I get is a damage increase…well, better then nothing.