Blacklist of online unfriendlies

May I suggest a thread where we post nicknames of people who are being total dicks? Salt ranters or straight up tbaggers, so we know who to avoid? I`ll wait for mods approbate.

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Considering this goes pretty directly against the no-flaming rules, I really don’t think this would work out or last, on the forums at least!

If you have a particular person you want to make sure you avoid, nobody’s going to stop you from keeping that record elsewhere, but it’s not the kind of thing to be shared on the forums.


The chance of me running to jerks may be at a higher than getting struck by lightning. But, it is very rare for me.

I never had the problem with jerks recently either. The ebst you could do is ignore them and block them and submit a bad review.

That Ostrich.

So disgusting! Being too nice, not tea bagging, giving a fair fight…

It’s disgusting! :mask:

I thought something like this was already in place… or do top tier players not care enough to snitch on the RQ/Salty bunch…?

Wouldn’t a good players just move on and keep whoopin tail as opposed to take the time…idk just sayin!

Reminds me of the good old days, the old old forums had a rage-quitter list and much salt was had.

I’m not a expert about that, so I have a question:
Is it possible to block people from the Xbox One while playing online?
I have never tried to find it out though.

You can block them but it doesn’t always worked in Ranked due to some abuse the block feature to avoid certain match ups they know they cant win in the Killer points race.

But it will work for Exhibition and messaging, ect…

If there was a list of A holes it would be the longest post on the entire forum

Such a list should be in-game.

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Ragequitters and douches get the same message from me when I’m playing as Mira;

Your wife; MYYYYYY plaything.


It’s funny how Rage quitters claim to know so much, yet they don’t how how to take a loss.
Speaking of which

The problem with lists is that it simply points fingers and then becomes a he said vs. she/he said gripe fest.

In terms of RQing, you never know what type of day that person is having. I’ve had good friends RQ on me, only to write me later and apologize. It happens, I still get the win. I move on. Is it the best attitude no… but we’re all human and I’ll leave it at that.

In respect to people who are disrespectful…

The best thing to do with unfriendly nasties is simply report them via Xbox Live. That is what I do, especially as blocking them will not stop you from facing them.