Black Panther Trailer


Saw it, loved it, ever since Guardians 2 the colours in marvel movies seem to pop of the screen more, apparently they started using different (better?) camera’s.

WB/DC has been using this style from the beginning of their superhero movie universe and it has been one of the best things about them, so its good to see marvel follow suit.

About the trailer, loved that it shows a completely new setting (again, like Ragnarok) to keep things fresh. And the story is still unclear but seems to have a different flavor from the rest of th marvel universe, while still fitting in.
Since the first Iron Man started with the Tin Man Iron Man suit, the marvel universe seemed to get more futuristic every movie, which I like, since it shows the world is progressing, with side stories in Sci-Fi, Fantasy/magic, interdimensional travel…

I would really like marvel to get those Fantastic Four rights back now, since they would fit in great and would work great with Black Panther.

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Definitely, if I recall BP made his debut in one of the Fantastic Four issues in the comics.

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This movie looks really cool. Panther likes chasing those cars, huh?

I thought the previous trailer was more interesting-

I really like the villain guy a lot

Not a fan of the track used for the music (the first trailer’s music was :fire::fire::fire:), but dope trailer all the same. Really looking forward to this movie :slightly_smiling_face:

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