Biting with no blood damage, i feel like it should do something

i dont play mira, i just play against her and i feel like her biting at full health could be neat mechanic. i mean i feel like she should have options instead of attacking, like gain a speed buff if she bites at full health at ender or gain silver health during the linker version but lose it if you get combo broken or attempt to counter break, i dunno, opinions? ■■■■■■ idea, got a better idea? should jut be left alone?

Not sure about that, I like the way she is right now. GREAT OPTIONS, at the cost of life. So she takes a risk at opening a opponent or escaping but she does have a chance to regain life. Its a gamble.

but thats the thing, at the cost of life to do damage, but wat if u give her another option where u dont do damage and gets something for utility (hence a speed buff). Since i bite (since bite doesnt do damage, and im already at full health) i sacrifice the damage to get utility.

you say gamble and i totally agree, she is a high risk, high reward character. so wat if you give her a mechanic that could add on to it. i sacrifice the damage i could do, for damage i could do later in the neutral state/ to recooperate a bit. its a choice i feel like it could add a depth to mira that doesnt have to say “i have 10 different ways to sacrifice my health to damage urs”

but two things i wanna honestly say: i do not play mira and have only scratched the surface with her and i am probably just looking. at face value. And i feel like the bite could be more then just “does nothing when ur full”

or maybe i just dont understand the playstyle, game is hard…

Using the bite command grab when you don’t have any blood to regen still has the use of being an interrupt and giving you a small set-up with the knockdown. That being said I would like to see it do a small amount of damage akin to Kim Wu’s counter.


i can kinda be ok with that, but i feel like there should be more mechanics for ender and linker versions of the bite. but i wanna add that i honestly believe they had a purpose when they decided the bite should do no damage, so that i why feel like there should be a buff mechanic when you u have no blood damage, instead of doing damage in general

I don’t know. I think having to make you choose between healing and ding damage is good already.

Personally I’d rather you just not bite if you have full health.

and right now you shouldnt, you’re absolutely right. you’ve wasted your move to heal non existant health. so wat if you can gain something else? this is just an idea, which i also think the choice between healing or doing damage when you have blood damage is great too

but wat if you add a mechanic to choose to gain something extra or do damage, when you have no blood damage. that is the main question im asking, sorry if this was too confusing, i would love to hear opinions on and why you do or dont think it’ll be balanced

Actually thought about her bite doing something. But then I look at Mira now and she doesn’t really need anything else. Imo she fine just the way she is. The recent nerf to her mist and wallsplat embrace were good nerfs for her. She is too strong already, adding anything else might cost something in return.

Managing your health as a resource on top of everything else is a challenge in itself, as it is. Giving her increased speed with the bite would mean different combos, different neutral options, etc. Too much, IMO. The character isn’t easy to play as she is, no need to overcomplicate any further.

What I would like to see is a small bit of damage, like @thefawz suggested, making it so you could end a magic pixel life bar with raw command grab.

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I dont believe her bite should do any damage, instead her Regular bites should give half the amount of White Health to the victim that she recieved in real health. And her Shadow Bite should leave the opponent poisoned; This poison will last about 5secs and it makes the opponent build potential damage similar to a burn-out. The main difference is it only builds white health when you use Special Moves not normals. Same applies to the Ender versions. Lvl 5 bite ender last 10secs instead.

Her Lk Slide should become a Low, her Mk Slide should be adjusted to hit at Chest level not along the ground and it should recapture/cross-up. Her Hk Slide should stay exactly the same.

Her manuals need the same amount of hit-stop as the rest of the Cast. Mira has those S1 manual windows and it kinda blows.

Lastly, Mira grey damage should be reduced by by 70% on her first Enhanced Linker, 30% on her second use of the Linker, and if she uses it a 3rd time its the same as if it were used Outside a combo. Reason for this is because I shouldn’t be punished for getting Combo broken. If the combo breaks why oh why is it I took this much damage guranteed and my opponent is still pristine?

I’d rather they don’t touch the bite mechanic.

In all honesty, if we’re going to talk about changes for Mira I feel the only thing she should have changed is shadow reaping should become a true inv reversal, now that mist has been nerfed harshly.

Everything else about her is pretty much the way it should be, IMO.

So she gets a slip and slide reversal AND an attack reversal?


Considering how much silver dmg mist form does now, and how it can be baited and punished once you know the MU, I feel she deserves a true inv reversal.

Bear in mind I’m talking about a shadow move, not a meterless special. And a highly unsafe one, at that.

For a character who has to risk so much to attack and combo, always using up health, I feel that she shouldn’t be forced to use up even more health on a getaway move as her only option of escape if she gets knocked down.

Well Ig could always drop the blood cost back to 20. Which I’m betting that’s what they will do soon.

But I don’t agree with that, though. Mist shouldn’t be as spammable as it was originally. Even if it can be baited and punished, very few characters can actually cover several directions with the same bait and punish, especially if it’s mid screen.

It’s fine as it is now. What I don’t think is all that fine is she not having any other options on wake up. She risks too much to then not have good wake up options. She’s supposed to be a really good well rounded character that is high risk high reward, but I feel that the risk is too high right now, when you not only lose a ton of life just going in, but then also lose any sort of threat potential once you’re knocked down. Your opponent has no reason to respect your wake up, when worst case scenario you’ll slip away, and I don’t think it should be this way.

Well she is a glass cannon character. Or they could put the blood cost to 30. Before you could use mist form 18 times a round without getting health back.

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