Bird Bomb: A Defensive Option for the Defenseless?

I’m going to start off by saying that I don’t like this move. I don’t see the rational of adding a mostly defensive option that can be used when you’re being pressured. I liked the idea of 100% offensive and complete disadvantage on defense for Eagle. But after collaborating with another Eagle player, I’ve noticed how strong this option is when being pressured. Like seriously, this thing is strong. One frame of breathing room and it’s either pushback on block or complete entire screen knockback, where Eagle is comfortable with. Even when knocked down, you’re not always going to get that perfect meaty, espiecally when it isn’t a hard knockdown.

You can even use it when people try to get in like Omen, Gargos, and Cinder. When you’re arrows fail you can just plop down the bird, get a trade, and be at an advantage.

Now I know the bird is deactivated for a long time, but Eagle can easily stall for enough time to get the bird activated again.

What do you guys think? Should Eagle even have this option to him? I don’t think it’s OP but I think it’s too strong of an option for him.

Thanks for reading!

I agree and all the other chars you said should not have the same option. You when are comboing you should not be interrupted (except for combo breakers). This is something I disagree with this game since the beginning. These options should act like shin hisako creepy hands on instinct, you cannot be hit if doing certain actions.

As far as bad defensive options go Bird bomb is probably one of the more interesting ones. From my understanding of how bird bomb was intended (which may be wrong) doing bird call usually means eagle is making himself vunerable to attack by either doing (3k) or throw (LP+3K). A lot of ki characters have the option to cancel into projectile invulnerable move or have some other way to avoid bird bomb and convert the hit. I would like for empty bird bombs out of blockstun to not be a thing but i can live with it

Bird bomb has startup, right? If Eagle is stuffed during startup, the bird doesn’t even come out (you can’t use it as a reversal against meaties, for instance, this much I know for sure).

Can you negative edge bird bomb? If so, that would prevent you ever doing cr.LK (kind of like Menat orbs in SFV).

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Well, the bomb cannot be done while the opponent is in a combo. You probably can get a trade but if the bird is already diving, you aren’t going to convert to a combo.

Well, bird bomb isn’t a real reversal. It can be stuffed on the first frame and it won’t come out,leaving eagle prey to a combo. That’s why it should not work on hard knockdowns. But thats one small frame and such an easy input that i can be mashed in certain parts of pressure for easy counters. I feel like it should have more frames where it can be stuffed, but thats just me.

That is true, but combine the speed of the dive and online frames can make it so that’s it more of a guess to perform a shadow invincible move. There’s almost no time to react especially when your focused on opening him up and performing other moves. I don’t think its reactable.

It cannot be done on blockstun, but it may look this way cause the one frame you get out of it, you are able to perform it

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From my understanding bomb cannot called with negeative edge. I pressed and held lk then mk the hk and let them all go and nothing happened

Yes it has one frame that can be stuffed and the move shouldn’t be useful on wakeup but there are so many opportunities where 1 frame can be all you need to just send the bird out and run away,be it in pressure strings or when an opponent is trying to approach by air (like omens glide)

I thought it could be stuffed in two frames? I recall Keits explaining that you can’t actually reversal with the bird, you need to be in a neutral state to initiate it which means you need at least one frame of being in neutral and then there is the one frame that can be stuffed.

Hey this is what I’m talking about when i say empty bird bomb out of blockstun!Apzrbyt1GZuBhGA4p0YHZkU2c0JC

To explain Jago’s double roundhouse is +2 so if cr.LK or anything comes out eagle would get counterhit by jago’s . This is not the case as eagle blocks and the bird still comes out. This may be a bug. it may be a feature. IDK.


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Hmmm…would you mind doing that same experiment again but instead just mash KKK once you get hit. You might get more consistent results. (Sorry for asking just not able to get on at the moment)

Going by numbers alone, the bird shouldn’t come out as you can see with the first few attempts. But idk, an option like that (especially for eagle) shouldn’t exist imo

Mashing wouldn’t be the best way to get bird bomb you just have to have a feel for when the block stun of the move will end and do it slightly before hand. You just need to have a feel for when the block stun of the move ends and do it just before that. It is lenient. Another weird feature (if you call things feature they wont get patched out ) is that eagle can get a screech or bomb by doing a bird call right as an attack is going to be blocked. It like the most ghetto parry ever. This is probably meme tech though since if they do something slower you’ll get smacked.

finicky meme defensive bird!Apzrbyt1GZuBhGF3uiikEjOJ08tU

Getting empty bird 8 out of ten times!Apzrbyt1GZuBhGLg8ramlKRANQ4K

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Okay so I have not tested this on a human being but doing H wingspan after empty bird can make it cross up so if they opt to just block it out theyll still get hit crossup. Need to test empty bird backdash. THIS IS SO DUMB. I labbed my way into eagle being too good on defense.

Edit- Eagle :eagle: can also get an empty screech but its galaxy brain levels of difficultly (it might be frame perfect but idk).

I guess that would make sense, but since you never really know what move your opponent will throw out, mashing KKK can help to find that frame needed to get out of pressure. At least, that’s how I think about it, since I’ve only began to start using it recently.

I’m guessing this wasn’t meant as an intended feature. I think Eagle might not perform an action since he is preparing to block an attack or is already blocking? Maybe that cancels out the LK animation. Just a guess

I don’t know how practical this could be in a match since I haven’t tried (or payed real notice to) how the bird comes out. But yea, this is dumb. I totally agree. I think Eagle has enough “dumb” things on offense, he doesn’t need anything more on defense.