Bioshock the collection

Hell yeah, my favorite series is back.
If there’s one franchise that deserves a remaster its Bioshock 1, 2 and infinite.
I just loved all 3 games.
In my opinion those games are just masterpieces.
Its a day one buy for me. :slight_smile:

I agree, I will absolutely pick it up although I already own all three games on X360 and PC.

That series will never become uninteresting, though I hope the next game is back in Rapture.

I always wanted to play this game but never had the chance…looks really cool!

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I just want it to be at a discounted price! :dollar:

You need to make a thread when you play through so we can follow along. I expect reports from you often so we can discuss one of my favorite series.

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So what is the game play like? What would yo compare the controls too…not the story ect… just how it controls and operates.

Controls were close to COD/Halo controls - Y to swap weapons, B to crouch (or melee), A to jump, X to reload or activate.

Right trigger fires the weapon in your right hand, left trigger casts the plasmid (essentially magic) in your left. Left and right bumper bring up your weapon/plasma wheels to select stuff.

Oh cool so basically just like DOOM that Im playing now… that’s good! I hate it when a game looks great and then you get the controls and you are like WTF is this shittt?? That’s how I felt with Deaus X and Gears of War lol

I will fight you to the death to defend Gears lol.


I just couldnt get used to the cover mechanic after playing so much Tomb raider and Dark souls style… it just felt odd. Im sure once getting used to it its really cool…but I felt trapped in both those games due to the cover mechanic.

I assume you haven’t wall bounced before?