BIG UP to all my sadira players 😁 LISTEN

Hi members of the spiders sisters clan.
yall surelly eard about the survey about PD ( potential damage) :stuck_out_tongue:.
i didn’t know why , but i knew theses changes are not goin to come alone.
INDEED i saw in the las note for the last patch 3.5. there will also be a competitive balance changes :grin: :grin:

Im a wrong or competitive balance change mean “” everyone the same chance to win !!!"" nno more S tier or low tier ?

Please guyz wake me up cause this could be the best patch ever … @SoSRaGnArOk @lumierefatale i need your help

please best guest from the spider clan aka @Dayv0 lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: help me with that also, cause im so excited. to see the balance changes.

i need it possitive between spiders!

no stincky fish name GT!!!
lets go…

Competitive balance changes happen every patch. Characters are always being tweaked in some way. Often times a lot of characters make it out unscathed (for the last several patches until 3.4 there’s been characters that weren’t touched at all) or only get bug fixes, and usually the changes aren’t very big. Usually minor adjustments in frame data. Reworks like what Sadira got or major nerfs like what Eyedol got are usually pretty rare.

Since this update (3.5) is mostly about Shadow Lords and new skins, I wouldn’t hold my breath on anything huge happening. Update 3.6, however, is shaping up to be HUGE. If anything, that’s where I’d set my sights for big changes.

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they said this 3.5 would be the last one . and there will be two patch note. one today for the shadow lord and monday for the competitive balance.
so do you think there will be a 3.6 patch?

They actually said that the proposed PD changes would be in patch 3.6, at no point did they say 3.5 would be the last patch.


Yes, you are correct. Patch 3.5 will make changes so that every character has the same chance to win. We don’t know how IG will pull it off, but let’s look forward to it!


@MBABanemobius these let me think it was the last one, cause they uses theses words…

Hey all!

_We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting the launch of 3.5, and we are happy to say that the latest Killer Instinct Update will come on November 22nd – just a few short days from now! There are a ton of changes to go over, so we’re going to break these out in to two separate updates. Today you will get notes on Shadow Lords, and Monday (the day before the patch) you will get competitive balance notes. Sound good? Awesome._

i wish thats not the last one.

Thank you so much to take your precious time and attention for me :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart:.

Also @Infilament i likes most of your answer on this forum , cause you seem so neutral when you answer to something. and i like guyz like you!!! i cannot even guess who are you using like main or characters cause you are so neutral and very logical in answers.

love you Broh. :relieved:

i really wish this patch set evryone at the same ± egality. so no jealous no more OP or NOOB characters… need to see the changes on mira and raam cause i like these characters too but too risky to play.

Nowhere in your quote does it say that it would be the last. Latest does NOT mean last - it means the most recent. You’ve got nothing to worry about. :wink:


oups Im sorry for my english, ahhahahah. thank you bro :wink: to correct me on this one.



hahahaha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: leave my bwoy alone pls .

I certainly look forward to PD changes especially for Sadira.
She’s possibly my number three fave KI girl and she’s a joy to play. Odd openers and unique tweaks in the last 2 seasons have made her a lethal force to be reckoned with-

If we could only get some new costume options I would be on cloud 9. Can’t wait to see the new additions.

Sadira rocks

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I think the PD change will be big for Sadira, as she has multiple ways of getting in and staying in. People that love to break her air juggles right off the bat will need to think it through because I will be on them like a hornet.

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OMG So much love for sadira ? :heart_eyes: :sob: :yum:. i wish all the girls could have more costume, sexy costumes etc…


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Yeah bro, no more tiers :smiley: in 2016 we needs to play with all us brains and not only because the character is Op thats why ill play him!!!

i wish after this patch i could go fully back to my spider queen , and just say bye bye aria and glacius. :smirk: