Big bug issue -gargos

Found a big problem with gargos that makes him super easy to beat no matter the difficulty I sent the details In a replied email back to the ki team email

What’s the bug?

If it’s okay to ask, can we get a description on what the bug does to Gargos that makes him so easy to beat?

I don’t want to say bc then ppl could easily beat gargos even on hard that’s why I emailed them

Same reason to you I won’t say bc then everyone could do it and beat him with little effort thats why I emailed them the issue

Let me guess, sweep kick him when he goes into Instinct and you can keep knocking him over?

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Yes that’s basically it

No matter the difficulty he will lose a full health bar if you keep doing it

That’s kinda the point honestly. Though they did say they appear to be fixing it so that gargos can use his eruption more often. You’re new to the game right?

It’s not a bug. That’s one of the major chinks in Gargos’ Stone Flesh armor. It can be done to anyone playing Gargos at any time. The difference is with Boss Gargos his instinct duration is typically longer, so you can sweep him a lot more.

…Unless the “bug” is that he doesn’t seem to want to explode out of Stone Flesh for its whole duration.

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I wouldn’t call that a bug. Just…well…he refuses to use eruption for whatever reason.

Well he should break it on hard but he doesn’t

There, I kinda fixed it.

Still kinda a bug if the AI dosnt use eruption

They should fix it instead of gargos taking the beat down and losing a health bar bc that beats the point

Not really. It’s the same how other AI’s barely finish combos or don’t punish things that humans do. The AI just let’s us win. If it really wanted to body us it could at any given point in time.

Did you play on easy bc the ai is pretty smart on hard doing flips outs and resets except gargos then he just lets himself get sweeped that’s why I feel like it’s a bug

Easy? People still play on easy nowadays? It’s normal and up. Nothing to learn from easy mode.

I usually play survival on easy when I’m learning a new character. Usually by the time I’ve gone through enough matches to get up to veteran difficulty I’ve got a good basic understanding of their moves & how most of the MUs work.

I just hit the training room.