Beware! tusk has no hurtbox on flame carpet!

Liger shows in this video that Tusk can not be hurt by Flame Carpet right now on his wakeup. Be careful.

He’s too manly to give a ■■■■ about pesky fire.


Well yeah. It’s part of the Being a Man checklist
-Swift as a coursing river
-All the force of a great typhoon
-All the strength of a raging fire
-Mysterious as the Dark Side of the Mooooooooon

Seriously though that’s goofy should probably patch it… After I sufficiently abuse it. :wink:


I’ve been scouring the internet for a gif, video, or anything of Colonel Quaritch from Avatar casually brushing flames off of his shoulder after climbing into a mech, but by some alignment of the planets nobody on Earth has captured the single best scene in that entire movie, and now I can’t have my clever post.

What the balls.

Man, tusk is already broken. Flame carpet and CG don’t work properly on him now. Time to lab Tusk I guess!

im sure yall figured it out by now. but that only happens if tusk is neutral. if he tries to block or press ANYTHING itll hit him like normal.

this is a pretty non-issue, its annoying, but doesnt mean anything.

OMG guys, I noticed the same thing. I wish I had footage of it, but I was fighting a Tusk player and he just waltzed right through my Flame carpet. PLEASE FIX, IRON GALAXY!

should of used the replay function or something, any idea what he did? remember his dash special can go through projectiles