Bettering CotS

Hello! I’ve only been playing KI since Christmas as it was a long anticipated (2 years) gift and I’m loving it. Anyway, I’ve been playing daily and originally took Cinder to 50, but while I was at it I was tinkering with other characters and Thunder was one that caught my eye. I’ve been reading through the forums and have noticed a trend in dislike for CotS. I didn’t get to experience it when it has projectile properties, but do feel it’s lack of viability in its current form.

I’m not sure if this has been discussed, but would the move be better if we could cancel normals into it? Maybe after launch ended hitting standing HP into CotS for setup potential on wake up? Or after shadow CotE?

I’m curious to know what you guys think! :smile:

The reality is, it’s always going to be hard to please everybody in respect to Thunder and I think CoTS is fine as is. By himself, he is one of the most powerful characters in KI and he can do a LOT more with a lot less, versus anybody else in the cast. Shadow CoTE can take anywhere between 25 to 30% without a combo.

CoTS as it is, gives Thunder a moment boost. If you use it immediately after a hard knock down, you can then preform an incredible 50/50.

Adding anything else to Thunder, much like Glacius, would just push him into god tier.

The only thing Thunder needs in my opinion is A Stagger Ender. If they greatly decreased the damage of his Launcher Ender, and turned it into a Stagger one that’ll make or break Thunder. I hope they tried this out, plus the way Thunder head butts you during his Sammamish Ender looks like it’s made to Stagger the ph-uck outta you. If you do lvl 4 Stagger you’ll have time to do anything (except command grab) to your opponent even a free Call the Sky No command. Btw @rukizzel @TempusChaoti @TheKeits change Call of Sky to Call the Sky just works.