BETTER Sound cue for Exhibition "Ready"

Any way we could get a louder and more profound sound cue for the Exhibition “Ready” Menu?
Half the time I dont even hear it or it doesn’t make a sound and the opponent leaves if your not hitting ready like immediately. Most people while waiting for an opponent end up looking at something else while waiting.

Just a thought :slight_smile:
@SasquatchPotato @TotalJimkata


I asked for this well over a year ago, so don’t expect a response, but if they do, then it’ll be a big slap in the face to me.


I never noticed a change int eh music? there is no change? Not in exhibition. Im not talking about ranked.

Ahhh whoops… my bad, deleting that now.
Also I agree. The exhibition cue is barely audible

Sometimes it makes a “ding” sound and sometimes it makes no sound at all. I tested it out last night before I made this thread.

I missed 2 matches becasue I was on the forums and didn’t hear the signal. I look up and it says “player has left he match”.

Another thing that annoys me and there is no fix to this really, unless the search criteria is reversed.
Low level players that are bronze or qualifiers, ect… they leave the match on the “ready screen” becasue you are higher tier than them. Its a big waste of my time to wait to connect to an opponent, only fo them to leave becasue they are scared. then I have to back out , go through all the menus again, search again… and by god if the same thing doesn’t happen!

The search criteria should start as the equivalent of your current tier and if you want to fight someone higher then you select those higher instead of currently you remove the higher tiers form your search criteria. that would eliminate these new players crying about having to fight Gold and Killers in Exhibition becasue they dont know how to fix the search criteria.

This very thing happened to me twice yesterday. And yes, it happened twice in a row… Sigh

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ME TOO! I always wonder what they were saying on the other side …like hurry up dude whats your problem??? LOL