Better Navigation for Profile Card Settings

Don’t know if this has been discussed already, but for Season 3 I feel that it should be a lot easier to navigate through all the customization options when it comes to your profile card.

Each new character release adds new things to be unlocked for the profile card. With the release of Shadow Jago as a real boy we now have 18 characters in the game. I went to check out what kind of taunts, icons and backgrounds he had and man did I have to slowly scroll through 17 others chars stuff before I finally made it to where Shagos were at.

Simply put I think it’d be nice to have things like icons, taunts and backgrounds organized differently for S3. Just a little something that’s faster & easier to get to where you wanna be without having to make your way through x amount of other chars things first.



This would probably be pretty easy to do by splitting them up into their character-specific tabs or categories. Not that I know anything about programming a game or even a menu, but I suspect it’s a relatively simple process when compared to a lot of the other things they’ve done.

I can get behind this… the browsing a bit time consuming, as-is.

holy hell man I an so with you…the current is just awful it takes a solid minute to get from jago’s icons to aria’s…this definitely needs to be fixed

Minor suggestion: I hope that profile cards get improved.

The backgrounds are way too small to enjoy :neutral_face:
The title font “Qualifier, Neutral, Killer,…” takes up too much space, imo. Hope the proportions of the profile card components (title, taunt, background,…) get adjusted…again.

Maybe the space used for player level or character level can be integrated with the title. Once you reach level 50 as a player or with a character, then there is no need for such space to go to waste. But even below level 50, it is like a waste of space on such a small card. Especially, if you consider that background pictures look cramped as is.


Totally agree. I think we will be seeing some UI changes as had happened with S2, making them character specific instead of scrolling througb all of them is probably the best idea.

@BoJima404 totally agree with the backgrounds point, they’re all too small from the beginning. I do think the profile card looks pretty cool, but if we have backgrounds as an interchangeable option, it should at least be visible enough to make a difference.