Better Late Than Never! Kilgore Codes! Kilgore Tourney

Hey, fellas! I know I don’t use these forums as much as the DE one, but anyway… this is what you really wanted to know. What, when, where, how.

Say no more! I got you covered. TONIGHT! I’m hosting another Kilgore tournament (he’s banned, but the point is it’s a tournament to WIN Kilgore codes) Courtesy of @rukizzel our beloved Community Manager.

This has been capped at 32 players due to it being held during a work/school week. I’m still undecided on whether or not I should stream the finals. I’ve always been keen on having these run off stream and on time, but we’ll see.

Oh… the link! >>>

Please read the rules. Probably the biggest one that stands out, would be the required internet speed. 5mb Upload, wired connection.

Any questions, please feel free to hit me up via twitter… or here. I’m always available via Twitter (@usmc_rotendo)

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Just curious…why is Kilgore banned? I’m assuming he’s unbalanced in some way, I just haven’t heard anything myself yet.

  1. If you’re trying to win codes, you shouldn’t be able to use him, no?

  2. Yeah, he kinda is.

He’s banned because I say he is… and this is a tournament to WIN Kilgore as people are trying to win him. With that said however, this tournament is not exclusive to those who may already have Kilgore and if the winners happen to already own Kilgore, they may be free to give it away to a buddy, girlfriend, etc.


Thanks for putting this on. Good luck to those who participate.

Ok, I was just curious.

Well, now that’s a kick in the pants for those of us who lack options out of no choice of our own. :frowning: