Better Glaclus Designs - Killer Instinct 4

Ew. No. No.


Very interesting. I like it.

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Glacius went from a simple texture experiment to being one of the most well-considered and well-implemented creature designs, bar none. The fact that the developers created not one but two models that work in tandem in-game to make his phsyiology all the more convincing is incredibly impressive. He actually looks alien now and has very unique biological/anatomical elements that set him apart from mostly humanoid creature designs that the industry is chock full of.

Retro Glacius will always have a spot in my heart, and I’m glad we have that option as a costume, but Modern Glacius fits the times much better and shows so much care design-wise. I’m so glad DH made bold departures with his redesign, it turned out fantastically, and I personally will never go back. I hope Modern Glacius becomes the new standard in all games moving forward!


What @OhAnodyne said and this:

The reason the design in the OP makes me cringe is that while it kind of looks like Glacius, the emotion and structure of the design does NOT fit Glacius’ personalty at all. This thing looks like an ice sentinel, an emotionless killing machine. This reminds me of Fulgore, who is MEANT to be an emotionless killing machine. But Glacius is an honor bound galactic hero who is pained by decisions he feels forced to make.

It’s also just…not at all pleasant to look at.


I don’t mind an impassive face on Glacius too much (even his current design sort of has one), as an alien face is going to be a little harder for us to read, and I picture his species to be fairly reserved to begin with. But yeah, this face does feel a little… vacant, maybe? And definitely doesn’t seem to fit a character who has always been shown to have a good heart (or hearts in this iteration) deep down despite what physical overhauls he may go through.

The art is definitely really well-made, the artist is extremely talented and it’s a great study as far as bringing the retro design forward goes… it’s just not a direction I personally like for the character. I’m really happy with what we have now for modern Glacius!


:cry: Not our Fulgore, at least I hope

I don’t know about any lore, so a cold-hearted, killing machine of a Glacius sounds awesome, and I personally really like that design, reminds me of some Todd McFarlane whom I’d love to design the entire Killer Instinct cast anyways.

That image looks like melted ice cream… :sweat:

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I will agree on this 100 percent.

I’m not a fan of drastic character redesigns between sequels. Just story driven changes.

I’m not a fan of that design. It looks like he’s sad because someone threw some water at his forehead and it froze.

Then again I’m not a fan of the KI3 redesign for Glacius either. That’s why I ALWAYS play with his retro outfit.