Best way to get higher level enders?

Since her release, I know she has the worst ender levels. I can get 2 without shadows and MAYBE a 3 if lucky enough. But I want to know if there is a better way to get a better ender.

Yeah, lockout your opponent. :wink:

No other way huh, kind of sucks given her limited range.

Resets-Drop the combo, let potential damage build up… End next combo early.

I wouldn’t really worry about high level enders with her. Firecracker always gives you a single dragon, Dragon Kick doesn’t always give you the best positioning, and Shadow Dragon Kick does fine damage even at Lvl 2.

You really have to play the footies and reset game with her. She’s less about doing long combos with huge chunks of damage, and more about constantly preventing the opponent from doing anything.

I agree, it shouldn’t be worried about…Kim hit way hard! Like 40-60% most of the time!

With kim i go for many “small” combos vs the long combo and hope for them locking out. Here is a clip where in a few seconds I took this cinder down. Grants im no Killer or gold rank yet, but i was surprised how fast i was able to get his health down. (yes i know i dropped the ultra at the end lol)

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Yes Kim hits really hard…not sure why OP needs her to hit harder or have a level 4 to justify her damage. I have full bar life leads on Kim and she took me out with 2-3 jabs and one full combo!

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