Best Tusk players

Hey guys, would you mind sharing in your opinion who are the best Tusk players around so I can look them up in youtube? Im putting together a tribute and would like to highlight some of these guys (use to do that b4 in ULTRA Street Fighter IV)

Please share and if possible explain why you think the dude you mention is one of the best ones around…


Tusk Odinson is one of them add him on Xbox he’s pretty cool.

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Found the dude bro but no videos on Youtube… Mind posting a link? thank you very much for the quick response in advance

From what I’ve seen of it, DaytonJ plays a pretty good Tusk. I’d check him out, look for him in 8BB archives, and I think he played a set or so in Bass’ Rough Sets series.

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Dayton J, Guttermagic, and Tusk Odinson are some of the best I know of atm.

DaytonJ and Guttermagic. No one else is even close to them, particularly Dayton.

Woow fellas, the way Dayton applies pressure with Instinct is just out of this worrld. Wish I could be as precise as he is…He leaves 0 frames to escape. Dude is really good

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