Best themes of Season 3 and best Season(s) for music?

My list in order of favorite to least favorite:

(Explain your choices if you wish)

  1. General RAAM - Listening to RAAM’s theme got me interested in playing him, and the theme sounds badass in game and on its own.

  2. Kim Wu - Much of the same can be said about Kim’s as RAAM’s, but I will admit Kim’s is more varied than RAAM’s, such as the song actually having vocals as well as having a very Chinatown feel. Honestly Kim’s might be better, but RAAM’s is special to me.

  3. Rash - Initially Rash had my least favorite theme based of the intro, but after actually listening to it, it became one of my favorites in the game. The mix of 8-bit sound with electric guitar sounds amazing, especially when the theme goes into “The Instinct”.

  4. Tusk - Could be higher than Rash, but I will the chorus lasted a little longer, and that theres a little too much down time between each chorus.

  5. Eyedol - Same compaints as Tusk, but less fun to listen to in game.

  6. Mira - Mira’s sounds kinda “eh” for a song that’s supposed to get you amped up for a fight ( I have similar issues with Sabrewulf and Riptor’s theme’s ).

  7. Gargos - To repetitive for me, thought Omen’s theme would’ve done a better job of representing Gargos.

  8. Arbiter - My issues with Tusk on a bigger scale. The monk chant lasts too long with the chorus having little payoff.

I think the themes of Season 3 were very strong, even comparing to Season 1 and 2.

In order, I think it would go

    • Season 2
    • Season 3
    • Season 1
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