Best team/cosumable/guardian combination for Godlike Gargos

Hi all,

Im looking to make my way through Godlike mode, and I was wondering what people believe to be to be the best combinations of team members, consumables, and guardians?

I can do fairly well throughout Godlike mode, and can remove a couple of his buffs, but Gargos is just… WOW.

Ive seen suggestions for Fulgore with the Odourous Wolf Heart and spamming the Hype Beam…? with Fractured Ward equipped for afterwards…?

Any other good suggestions?

I wont lie, Im looking for the cheapest, easiest team possible…

Thanks in advance for your help guys.

Fulgore with odorous wolf heart is almost mandatory. Unblockable hype beams are super good.


With a bit of luck, Omen’s Demonic Despair can level off a huge amount of health. So long as Gargos doesn’t have his Flesh, you should be able to level his first life bar and get an early (very important) advantage.
Taking off his first life bar ASAP is mandatory if he’s got Heart of Gargos, so DD can be really helpful in the first round.

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Tell that gargos with his eye buff. Parries the whole thing everytime…I was like “really? Well there goes that plan.”

Yeah, Eye of Gargos kind of screws up everything lol

Lol! I just did this last night:

  • MKIII nanomachines (+25% damage/defense)
  • Odorous Wolf Heart
  • Full instinct
  • Full shadow
  • Ceremonial Dagger (I didn’t even want to use the dagger, but I ultimately did because I was interested in seeing what it would do.)
  • Epic Snake Guardian (would have used my Killer guardian, but I was holding back a bit if my strat didn’t play out like I wanted it to.)

DAMN! One hype-bean took nearly 50% in real damage, and left him with like 15% potential damage. The second beam left him on pixels of potential damage. Before and after that, Gargos was going crazy and laying some huge damage on me, but I took Gargos with one guy all due to the hype beam…and it felt pretty good!

I have yet to do it on a fully buffed Gargos, but that may be my next objective.