Best Swag/Merch Ever

Would love to pose a question to you all:

What is the best piece of Swag/Merch you have ever received and/or purchased for any game/movie/title/anything? Curious to hear your thoughts.

Ready? GO!

Grand theft auto 4 special edition. It came with a duffle bag, a lockbox, keychain, special game map, and sound track.

So far even though shipping is roughly 5 and shirts are roughly 25, Eighty Sixed shirts are hands down my favorite in terms of the shirts fitting and how soft they are. Bought almost all of the KI shirts except one and they’re great.

Killer Instinct Evo 2016 Razer Atrox hands down!

Ultimate Source’s Cinder Figure! Oh wait…

Borderlands 2 legendary loot box edition: Came with an actual trunk shaped like the in-game loot boxes filled with swag.

I’d love to see physical items based on in-game stuff like a metallic Shago mask, replica Maya daggers, a Fulgore mask as a throwback to the KI 1 Fulgore masks they made, maybe some clothing like a Sadira styled hoodie and that kind of thing. You could go cheap and do cheesy stuff like a Glacius ice cube tray Riptor cookie cutters, goofy novelty stuff sells like mad.

Soul Calibur Posters, Halo Posters, the Limited Edition Halo 3 controllers, a Diablo 3 mouse, the Halo 2 backpack, the 90s Disney cups from Burger King (I think), the Star Wars Xbox 360, Pokemon keychains… pretty much anything for the things I love.

I’d put the Halo 3 controllers and the Star Wars 360 at the top of that list, but I love my posters as well.

Ooh, this is really tough…

There were those Halo Fathead stickers I hang on my wall, as well as one of my own xbox live avatar, which was awesome.

There were those two KI t-shirts I got, the “Combo Breaker” and “Arctic Blast” ones.

Then there were those Fire Emblem posters I got from EVO.
And finally there was that Shadow bead necklace that I also got at EVO.

I can’t rank them, they’re all awesome.

Hmmmmmm, probably that Street fighter 25th anniversary collection. Although I didn’t care for the ryu statue since I don’t like ryu. But it came with all the games, the soundtracks, the movies all that stuff. I’ve gotten a few other things from other games like destiny book and box art.

Although, I would KILL for some ARIA stuff, like posters, figures (Ultimate source I’m waiting here!!! I HAVE MONEY!!!) that kind of stuff.

Most of the quality stuff I get from other sources or custom made like commissions for pictures etc etc.

For my 20th Birthday, I got a framed copy of The Lost World:Jurassic Park…on laser-disc

Also, I got the Hisako/Sabrewulf figures from Ultimate source, as well as a KI SNES t-shirt with Fulgore doing his victory pose.

Classic Doom and Quake shirts are pretty awesome, too.

And then of course there’s my collection of concert t-shirts .Slayer, Black Sabbath and Ozzy, and a shirt from a band called Huntress that I got at Mayhem Fest with a UFO beaming up a pyramid (I got that one specifically to piss off my history teacher lol).

Daniel Clowes’ Ghost World: Special Edition (original comic & move script)

Sculpted Greatful Dead bear mug & Sculpted Scooby Doo mug

Stussy John K T-shirts and John K “Donald ■■■■■■■” shirt.

Adventure Time boots by Dr.Martins

Demons and Mervielles Wine Glass figures (Wolf and Red Hot)

Gary Baseman Dunny’s

Gears of War Zune

Too many to mention but here are a few of my favorites…

*Limited edition Chuck Schuldiner tribute BC Rich Stealth guitar limited 1000 made in the USA.

  • Michael Myers RIP doll un-opened and signed by Dic-k Warlock
  • Michael Myers RZ Artifact mask hand made mask by Sam McCain just before he died.
  • Custom Fall of Seraphs/ Omen fight stick made by StantheMan
  • Jason Vorhees Friday the 13th part 5 mask hand made by Justin Mabry and signed by the actor that played Jason in part 5

I don’t know if custom stuff counts, but this:

If it doesn’t count…
Probably a Halo 3 controller, Soul Calibur 2 artbook, and in the non-game category a Pepsi Optimus Prime I got from a Mt Dew promotion for the first Michael Bay Transformers movie:


if Amiibo count …

and art books

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Definitely would have to say Art Books and Statues.

Replicas are always the bees knees! A Jago or Shago Sword, Hisako’s weapon(don’t want to embarrass myself trying to spell it) Orchids batons, Retro Spinal’s shield, Eyedol’s club. All would be cool to have a replica of. Tusk sword would be an awesome thing to hang on a wall! :smiley:

Microsoft could strike a deal with Funko to do a pop figure bobblehead line. They have done Halo pops before and have a Gears of War line coming out later this year. I’d drop some cash to collect a wave of Killer Instinct pops.

Oh man, if we could get some replicas of Spinal’s sword and shield…I would lose it!

I also like the idea of bobbleheads lol that would be so dope. I need Spinal and Fulgore bobbleheads haha

Anyway I love shirts, posters, figures/statues, etc. so anything of that kind KI related I will likley buy :slight_smile:

Plushies, fatheads, and anything that easily customizes items you already have. Stickers, pillowcases, basically anything that easily attaches to, or personalizes, items I already have.

I would personally buy…
A sabrewulf Plushie
KI decals or stickers.
A fulgore pillowcase.
Or replicas of KI weapons.

We NEED pet rock Aganos!

A got the deluxe edition of Epic Mickey when it first came out. Came with a paintbrush nunchuck, a figure, a remote skin, and more! one of my biggest splurges ever on a single game.