Best stick controller for KI PC

im looking to buy a controller to play KI on my PC. what are you guys using as a controller?

360 controller, works fine for me. Best controller I ever used for fighting games was the PS1 controller though. :slight_smile:

I bought an Xbox One controller just for this game but got it used so it wasn’t so expensive. Xbone Controller has a better D-pad then my 360 but I have a wired 360 controller as a 2nd player controller when friends come over.

Razer Atrox modded for ps4

The logitech f310 is a legend- it has a switch to go between directinput and xinput for all your past, current, future pc compatibility needs. And the dpad is good, though it looks like a bad bowl, it acts like the good ps controllers.

Don’t let anyone fool you I have a Qanba Q1 stick and this game is better played with a controller. I have to use joy to key which makes getting any quarter circle moves impossible due to the delay.

KI and MKX is way easier and superior on a controller with a good dpad.

The only game that benefits from a fightstick is Tekken series and SF3 3rd strike, SF4 and SSF2.
They made SF5 for controllers aswell.

or there’s always an x360-compatible fightstick that would work out of the box. fightsticks vs controllers will always be personal preference, and a matter of which one you’re more used to. There’s no way I’m every going to get used to doing d-pad motions + LB, so fightstick it is.

you can buy a hori fightpad and solve that issue.

Regardless combos in KI is so easy you don’t need a stick. Had I know this game was actually better played on a controller would have just gotten a controller in the first place.

Just like its superior and easier to play MKX on a controller due to L1 as block.

hori fightpads are ps4 controllers, and then you’re back to your lag/hassle problem. I’m not sticking any ps controller into a pc for anything, my days of hacking around for basic functionality burned away a long time ago

The hori fightpads have no lag on pc or period lol

I use a hori fighting commander pro 4 in my xbox one razer atrox and used ds4windows to get it to work on fight cade and xbox one mode dont work on pc no matter what i did…

Now my ds4 even works on pc

As far as stick vs pad no one is better then other then comfert factor

hori sticks and fightpads come with a pc mode switch now that change them to x-input. they’re plug and play

that’s probably not verified- People are complaining their ps4/pc hori rap 4’s aren’t working. you need a pro v kai with x360 compatibility to work w this game atm

I have the newer Fighting Commander (not the 4) and with the PC switch enabled KI PC detects it fine. The non-Kai HRAP 4/5 don’t have the PC switch, they can only switch between PS3 and PS4. I also have the first HRAP 5 and that definitely doesn’t work (PS3/4 only). From that I assumed the switch works. My experience anyway.

Get jay2kings ds4 drivers and any ps4 stick will work on ps4 i dont know why your ignoring the solution his apart of the team who make joy 2 motion get it jay 2 every ps4 fightstick i used worked within seconds of installing

It’s all about preference. Some people prefer using stick and some people like using controller more. None is better than the other. If you’re talking about a specific product, I can’t help you there.

A good cheap stick that should work is the Qanba Q1. Great starter stick, and you can mount it to your desk.