Best move to punish with?

For example, after successfully blocking an opponent’s attack, what is Spinal’s best button to press? Crouching light kick, crouching light punch, one of his special moves like shield charge? Just trying to figure out what my best option is for when I block and have that small frame of time to start my own combo.

C’mon, I know somebody here can help me out with this lol

Well I’m no spinal player but from my experience of corner trapping spinals they usually use crouching Lp, shadow shield bash, or they just throw me hope that helps somewhat.

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Same here. Not a loyal spinal player, but I’ve seen Far HK or HP to help punish whiffed normals or catch them doing something punishable.

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Awesome. Thanks guys.

No problem, dude. Good luck.

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If it’s a full-punish I always go for crouching HP for a guaranteed skull. If it is a successful block leaving them open for only a few, I would suggest either standing LK or crouching LK then go into Shield Charged followed by another Shield Charge if the first SC registers as an opener.

I don’t main Spinal, but he used to be a pocket character.


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Hey guys, I have another question concerning Spinal but I didn’t feel like it needed a whole new thread so I thought id just post again in here.

So about Spinal’s manuals, does he also have regular manuals like all of the other characters or are his Spectral Manuals his only ones?

He has normal ones too, I usually use double light manuals in my combos. You also get a free manual from a Shadow searing skull now that it doesn’t knockdown.

If you need a great spinal to reference, look out for UA Bass footage, here’s a ft10…

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Awesome, any tips on how to do the regular ones? I get what manuals are, but not quite sure about the rules. I will redo the dojo lesson again today to see if I can better understand though. Thanks for the video man, I try to watch a lot of his videos since he mainly plays Spinal, I am actually watching one of his videos on youtube right now lol

I’d start off with heavy shield charge and work manuals into that so you get the hang of timing. I’m not sure if Spinal has the same manual rules but they are…

Heavy Linker: Heavy, Medium and Light Manual
Medium Linker: Medium & Light Manual
Light Linker: Light Manual

Some characters have a unique manual setup like Jago but most follow the rules I stated above, I could be wrong though.

Yeah, I actually wasn’t very good with Spinal - still not that good but Bass is the best known Spinal player as of right now. Because of that, I choose to model my tech from him.

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That’s what I was looking for, thanks dude! I will start with that and see if I can get the hang of it like you said.

Yeah I am not very good with him (or at the game in general) but he is who I want to be my #1 so I am trying to git gud with him but pretty much same here, I knew he was the most well known Spinal player so I decided I needed to pay attention to how he plays.

Thanks for your help man!

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Yup don’t mention it. If you ever need some mirror matches with Spinal just sent me a FR or message.

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Alright sounds good man, and thanks again!