Best Epic fighting game EVER!

I woder why all these video games devs has never think about to make a alliance to offer the best FG ever,
i mean i mix from knowledge from the best parts of the most amaing FG.

for Example IMO the perfect mix to get a great FG is :

A mix from

killer instinc xbox one: only for the combo mechanics and ultra, taunt and t-bags :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Mortal kombat 10: for the gore and these serious fatality’s :smiling_imp:

injustice 1 & 2: for all these animations in battle (i mean broke the wall then pass other side of the stage, high camera and stage interaction and also the character design) i admit it ive never seen better animation in fighting games than Injustice and also i think thats one of the game who’s pretty good balanced. compared to KI & MK.

One day i will win the lotto then i will make it happen guyz lol :grin:

So now for all of you can i know what should look like the best FG ? any idea is welcome feel free to say whatever cause its your oppinion.
lets begin

We already have the best Epic Fighting game Ever.

It’s called Killer Instinct


I love KI… but it’s not perfect.
MKX and Injustice 2 have some advantages over KI.


Sorry but Rise of the Robots is pretty hard to beat right now


My logic

Best =/= Perfect
KI =/= Perfect
KI = Best

Obviously, this is only my view. I2, MKX or whatever could have some stuff better than KI, but overall, KI is the best fighting game IMO

Fair enough. Just don’t be a blind fanboy and praise KI while ignoring its flaws. Because there’s a good handful of those. KI is lacking on many areas which other fighting games have covered from launch. And it seems to continue doing this, now with the Ultimates… not even the entire roster will get one. That’s a flaw. And it certainly doesn’t make it the best fighting game out there.

It might be the fighting game you enjoy playing the most. That’s awesome! Hopefully it will continue to be so. Just don’t ignore the things it’s lacking.

I don’t, but also I acknowledge what things which lacks are important and what aren’t.

For example, I don’t care about Ultimates or cinematic story mode. So their absence doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t’ care if my chars doesn’t get an ultimate.

I do care about costumes and colors. So the slow pace at which we are getting more of them annoys me.

I do care about gameplay, it’s the most important factor to me. And there is no Fighting game which makes me happier than KI in terms of gameplay.

Of course, just my opinion.


I think same i love it too but there is always a big but!

OMG are you inside my head ??? get out please lol lol i totally aggree

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No. If they add MK gore to KI, I’m quitting the game. Leave gore to MK. I bought MKXL and dropped it right away because of the fatalities. I’m probably not the only one who would drop it.[quote=“G0tei13Izaragi, post:1, topic:18684”]
for all these animations in battle (i mean broke the wall then pass other side of the stage, high camera and stage interaction and also the character design)

The animation is flashy but KI doesn’t really need it. That animation is only viewable a certain amount of time before getting tedious and making that a mechanic would just break KI’s two way interaction that I like. [quote=“G0tei13Izaragi, post:1, topic:18684”]
i think thats one of the game who’s pretty good balanced. compared to KI

Personally, my perfect KI game would be this.
-KI gameplay
-KI netcode
-KI design
-SFV’s smoothness
-MvC’s fluidity
-KI Shadow Lord’s combined with MK’s cutscenes and Krypt.
-KI’s music
-KI’s community.

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SF took away Ryu’s DP… how is that game still praised or even alive? The game should be dead and the developers ashamed. Yet, they win awards.

I may be biased towards KI, but I am no doubt aware that this game deserves much MORE praise over some fighting games out there in the market.


Oh man i love that clunky ■■■ old game! Time to fire up my 3d0 for that slow ■■■ loading extravaganza!

Uhm… Ryu still has his Dragon Punch aka Shoryuken in the game. Not sure what you’re talking about.

What I would incorporate from other fighting games for future KI games:

-Brutalities from MKX
-Stage interactables
-Subtle stage destroyable transitions (I mean, like Sabrewulf stage in KI2)
-Improved animations
-Pre-fight dialogues like in NRS games
-Well written cinematic story mode (if they would make it crap like SF5 of MKX, better stay at written bio`s from Shadow Lords)

Rest should be left intact.

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Ryu’s DP is no longer invul on startup for any version except EX. The move might as well be gone.


< massive double take >


King of fighters 13 still the god-king of all 2D animation, third strike was a historic landmark for 2D animation in games, skullgirls flaunting gorgeous smooth sprites, GGXrd blurring the lines between 2D and 3D…hell, even MKX, another NRS game, has better animations than injustice.

That seems rather excessive to me. Alot of moves aren’t invulnerable on startup, should they just remove all those as well? XD

Shoryuken moves always have been invul on startup to counter meaties and unsafe approachs. For example, you can’t freely use a meaty against Jago, because if you start doing so, he will DP on wake up sooner than later, hitting you with a counter hit, dealing about 15-18% damage(don’t remember how much damage deals his dp on counter hit, but it’s around that)

So, the lesson is: You can’t get free meaties against Jago because if he has a read and punishes you with a DP, you are going to suffer.

This no longer applies on Ryu. His dp only has invul frames on ex. Which means he has to block the meaty on wake up(or even in frame traps!). Even on anti air situations it could be stuffed

So yeah, regular DP is garbage right now

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…No, because most moves aren’t minus a billion on block and counter hit state on recovery.

The dragon punch is a core element of a shoto’s design. It’s supposed to be a high-risk move that is effective and powerful, for reversing momentum and anti-airing. Now it’s a much worse low-reward anti-air, and is barely more functional as a reversal than his jab, all while still being incredibly risky.


An alternative take (you should take it as IMO):

Those things you’ve mentioned (IGAU stage transitions, MK fatalities, KI ultras) are basically stupid time wasters and any FG ever would be better off without them.

Also calling IGAU well-balanced is highly questionable unless you are comparing it to MK9 or something like that. The game is basically dominated by 3-4 characters and features a number of hilariously one-sided matchups. I’d say 7-3 is an average MU number there (on a scale from 9-1 to 5-5, obviously).

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