Best deal for a real ninja make it as a KI guest

Potential names to make a cameo in Killer Instinct as the real ninja if somehow their respective softhouses accept a deal with Iron Galaxy Studios:

Scorpion - Mortal Kombat series (Netherrealm studios)
Ryu Hayabusa - Ninja Gaiden series (Team Ninja)
Raiden - Metal Gear Rising Revengeance (Platinum Games, Konami)
Strider Hyriu - Strider series (Capcom, Double Helix Games)
Hanzo Hattori - Samurai Shodown series (SNK)
Joe Musashi - Shinobi series (Sega)

I’ve missed something? Share your thoughts and post your ideas.

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Rather they make a REAL ninja for KI this time. Jago’s a monk.

what about Reptile? He ninja too…

Put a Ninja outfit on Jago and suddenly he’s a ninja.

Jago is a ninja. I don’t care what anybody says.

Jago had similar traits to what we thought was a ninja. A face mask, a sword, martial arts, etc… He was never a ninja though. He is a Tibetan warrior monk. This is why I just love his new design. He looks bad-■■■, and looks like a warrior monk now. His new sword is even Tibetan. He never played like a ninja anyway. I think KI making their own ninja would squash this misconception for good. I would love to see how creative IG would be in making one. Even though I would prefer our own, there are plenty of guests that I would like to see. Ninjas from the Shinobi series would be cool. I always loved the old Tenchu games, so seing Rikimaru or Ayame would be sweet.

We all know he’s a Tibetan monk and not a ninja, but if you look at his moveset with the kicks and the sword slashes, how much different would a ninja be? Maybe shuriken instead of fireballs.
I know they could make an actual ninja with wall-cling abilities, a kusarigama instead of sword etc. but a ninja outfit on Jago is close enough that I could see them just doing that and using the new character slot for something else.
Who knows though. I love ninjas and would not complain if we got a really stylish one as a new character.

Kicks and sword slashes are not a ninja trait. Many martial arts use kicks, and there are many weapon styles for swords. His move-set is not ninja at all to me. It was all visual, because his old design had similar traits to what we perceived as a ninja. His look is updated now, looking much better, and I want to move on from this notion that he is a ninja, and maybe have a ninja represented in a new character.

I would like an Ninjutsu inspired move set. Jago is not a ninja in move set. The whole Mask = ninja mentality is really bad.

Perhaps they aren’t exclusively ninja, but if KI gets a ninja you better believe he/she is going to both kick, and swing a weapon.

If we’re going to get super technical about ninjutsu style, a ninja would never directly confront anybody in a fight, nor would they enter a big tournament and expose themselves so conspicuously. It would have to be a very videogame/movie style ninja, ergo, you’ll have to tolerate some misconceptions if you want this character.

I believe IG could pull it off with style if they choose to pursue this idea. However, if they don’t, given the choice between ‘no ninja’, and ‘ninja suit Jago’, I’m sure many people would take Ninjago.

Jago isn’t a 100% ninja, but he is kind of a ninja. I prefer “monsters” over a “ninja that maybe looks a bit like Jago aesthetically”

Ninja? No thanks. While Jago technically isn’t 1, he’s close enough, that I think adding 1 would be a bit redundant overall. That being said, if IG would make a ninja-based character,I would definitely prefer an original character over a guest character.

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I think a better question that sort of ties up some of what people are saying on here is “could a ‘real ninja’ add something game-play wise to the game?” I’m not so sure. Jago has a lot of the things we typically associate with ninjas. If you wanted to make a real ninja-like fighter you would probably get a teleport and some low damage projectiles. It could be done, but from a character design standpoint I never really found ninjas to be that interesting.

We have a “ninja” in SF, Ibuki. A heavy mix-up character with low damaging projectiles, good mobility, and low damage.

Wait, it’s Omen!!!

Joking aside, a ninja fits in a “hit and run, fast combos” archetype, being very mobile, with good air mobility, projectiles, maybe a wall bounce… but all this has been already seen(Guy, Vega, Ibuki, Strider, Bang Shishigami…).

Still, I’ not very “ninja” fond. Pirates always are better than them, and I prefer Samurai over Ninja

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I actually like Ibuki, but between Omen and Sadira what is left to bring to the table for KI? It’s not so easy (for me anyway) to think of ninja stuff that would make for a compelling addition to the roster. As others have said, I’d rather see another monster or sci-fi experiment gone wrong.

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I disagree with this. He is a warrior, and none of it screams ninja. I do agree with the other points made by you and @Dayv0 Omen and Sadira do bring a lot to the table that might be associated with a ninja’s play-style. Ninja isn’t at the top of my list of characters I want anyway, but maybe IG could be creative with it if they did.

I don’t understand the argument “he is not a Ninja, he’s a Tibetan Monk”. So what? Are they mutually exclusive? That to me is like somebody saying “Hey, Raphael sure is a cool ninja” and then somebody replying “He’s not a ninja, stupid, he’s a turtle”. So ■■■■■■■ what?

He is a Turtle and he is a Ninja. He’s a Ninja Turtle (and also a teenager and a mutant (hey, a few more things that aren’t mutually exclusive!)).

Jago is a Tibetan Monk and he is a Ninja. He’s a Tibetan Ninja Monk.


This makes no kind of sense. Raph is a ninja and turtle. Jago is a Tibetan monk and a human. Maybe a different analogy would help out your case, but not this one. Jago is not a ninja.

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