Best Cinder comeback I've seen (VS Gargos)

Probably much of the community have seen this, since the video is from last year, but in case someone hasn’t, crazy & gratifying comeback ensues at 59:43 !!

PS: I just found the video, I have nothing to do with neither the uploader nor the players

Yeah, so when I did that Shadow Trailblazer, I knew that was the right distance I needed in case he tried to do that j.HK or a portal punch. I saved it for that moment since he was using those a lot. That throw too since I was doing a lot of pressure on his wake up.

And when I did that Counter Breaker at the end, I figured he thought he had to do something or else it was over. That’s the kind of mentality I like to have with Counter Breakers where where I end up forcing them to do it.

Glad you liked it!

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Shadow Trailblazer, some people complain about its low priority but the projectile invincibility has huge tactical value should the player pick the moment (and distance!) like you did

Sure, match-up knowledge and consideration of opponent patterns were there, but imo that play even more showed gr8 instinct & execution on your part; just let these flow and voila! did amazing comeback against a strong opponent!

PS: Gotta love Pyrobomb incorporation in that corner combo !!

It was such a great comeback. Honestly its those moments in KI that really get you hyped!

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