Best AI Character On Ultimate Kyle?

Was just wondering what peoples’ opinions were on them; personally, Arbiter is the weakest, due to being slow and the other AIs are mainly faster and the best ones are Mira (not the complete best, due to her AI mainly using up her health a lot), Rash and Fulgore for me.

Note: Cinder is good with one combo, where he kicks you up, makes lava come out, jumps up and gets a combo in. :smiley:

Probably Jago. He abuses the living hell out of the frame traps and is able to react to things a human being can’t.


The above I stated for cpu vs cpu battles, but the ones I hate are Omen and Gargos (mainly due to shadow lords); Omen spams his electric bolts and kicks and Gargos spam punches from a distance and is irritating overall. I wonder if they will make more improvements to the AI like making it ultra to its maximum like 2 ultras or even the AIs taunting at the start.

Jago. Hands down. His fireballs and cancels off of them are scary. Also has every other tool in the game.

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Yeah, he is pretty good. :smiley:

He actually gets beat out by Sabrewulf and Orchid fairly easy.

As for who is the best, it usually comes down to Spinal, Orchid, Sabrewulf or more recently Eyedol.

Kyle AI does two things always, breaks and Shadow counters. They also never end their combos because they prefer level fours, which gets broken. So it comes down to who hits hard but also fast which usually comes down to the characters I mentioned.

The worst is undoubtedly Mira.

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Oh, I usually find Mira to be good majority of the time, apart from her not using her bite to regenerate her health majority of the time. And Spinal always taunts, when he’s launched a projectile and a shadow projectile at you lol. Rash also does it, when he’s knocked you a distance with his boot or other attacks. In my opinion, it would be cool to have them taunt at the start, or even after a KO. Also, an improvement I would like is to make them do longer ultra combos. :smiley:

I mean, there’s always the Boss versions of Shago and Gargos. Both of them do things that are outside the realm of what a playable character would be able to do, both as far as inputs and playstyles.

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Yeah, it would be interesting to see that version of Gargos vs the normal AI Gargos (modded AI and stuff)

I normally don’t play on Kyle difficulty, but one time when I was warming up, I forgot to change the difficulty setting during character select and ended up in a match versus Cinder. Can’t believe I actually beat him.
I’d imagine that Kyle Sadira is an absolute pain in the @$$. Even on Hard difficulty, she input reads likes crazy. :frowning:

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Yeah, Sadira is one of the top best for me. :slight_smile:

That sounds pretty awesome actually.

Definitely. Mira can HURT REAL BAD, but she will often use the bite ender when she doesn’t need it or slowly kill herself trying to open you up. Theb again, it must be hard to make an AI aware of its health and when it should use certain things. RAAM’s AI isn’t too spectaculat either, but only against other AI’s. Dropped combos aplenty.

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Mira and her health resource is an interesting problem. Not sure how KI is coded, but I immediately think of the ‘if;then’ batch script condition. Basically, the script will periodically look to see if certain conditions (stated by the programmer) are met, and check what to do if they have or have not. Such as a health percentage. Or in this case, a grey health percentage. If the conditions the program code are looking for have not been met, it usually will just continue its normal behavior. If the conditions to trigger the ‘if;then’ command have been met, it will do something different (again that different action would be stated by the programmer).

Again, I have no idea how KI is coded so I could be way off the mark on this, and it’s likely I am. But when it comes to basic batch script coding, this is actually a pretty common command. Sorry if I got too technical. Tried to keep it simple.

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In my opinion, Kan-Ra Is pretty tactical; he’ll stay at a distance at set traps and try to lure you in.

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