Best Accessories/Colors in KI

We all love to customize our characters and fighters in KI, and I was wondering what you all think is the best item set/color in the game? For instance, I think Gargos Color 8 is the best looking color in the game, while I think Retro Eyedol’s Duality Costume looks the best. Do you guys have any favorites?

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I love the way Mira’s last color looks (the skeleton paint color) too bad I dont have her at 50. Her jack of fables outfit is awesome too…
Also a fan of eyedol pincushion look and the dragon armor on Gargos.

I have more but these popped into my mind. I do find the quality outfits/colors of the newer characters (and then in particular the retro’s) to be better in a lot of cases, except for when an annoying color (Kim-Wu pink jacket) wont change along with the color.

Edit: Oh, love all of TJ Combo’s outfits, Tusk (gladiator!) and Spinal have awesome ones aswell…and Sadira’s 9th color is awesome too.

Whens the next double xp weekend? Havent gotten anyone past levels 35 yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Retro Eyedol and Retro Gargos are two of the best things in this game.

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No clue, but I have Gargos closest to 50. I’m at 42 with him.

Purple Glacius with black devil horns :slight_smile:

Rash with white thong and afro.

The best accessories? See Spinal (default and Retro), Retro Cinder, Eyedol (default and Retro), Retro Fulgore, Retro Tusk, Retro Jago, and Mira.

Personally I dislike Retro Fulgore.

Kim Wu with DJ Accessories, Default colors.

Almost all of ARIA’s colours, save for the green, white/black, yellow. Sadira’s default, purple and blue.

Accessories: ARIA’s hologram stuff.

I like Riptor’s retro a lot, color 6 or 7 especially (white and black) and Glacius retro default color.

But Gargos has most impressive acessories/colors in the game, plus ALL characters look amazing! :sunglasses:

Jago’s Ornate Wood Guards, Jago’s Color 11 “Soldier Monk”

Color 9 Tusk. I like Mira as the Fable Character. Jago’s ultimate source color. And a couple of Shago’s colors.

I’ve got favorites across the cast.
I usually rock them Default unless stated otherwise

Jago: 1 & 6, both with the Ancient Tiger set
Sabrewulf: 9 & 10 :heart:
Glacius: Retro Color 6
Thunder: 9
Sadira: 4
Orchid: 7,8, & 9
Spinal: 4, 9, most of the Viking stuff, and everything in the retro
Fulgore: 4 & 9, Retro 1 with Crusher face but default other options
Shadow Jago: 4 & 8
TJ Combo: 4,6,& 8
Maya: 5,6,8
Kan-Ra: 6 & 8
Riptor: 4 & 9, and Retro Color 6
Omen: 5 w/ Devil set, 6
Aganos: 3 & 6
Hisako: 7
Cinder: 6 & 7, Default Retro w/ DIO set
ARIA: 8 w/ white valkory set
Rash: Color 9 and Default
Kim Wu: 9 with teal/white DJ set, Retro 3
Arbiter: Color 3, Retro Ranger set and Retro 7
Tusk: 6 & 7
Mira: Default, and Color 9 w/ the final accessory set
Gargos: 5, 9, Retro 4
General RAAM: Default w/ Premium set, Color 8
Eyedol: 6 & 9 both with the champion set (minus the helm), Any of the Retro Accessories