Berserk 2016 Dub rant

This thread isn’t to discuss sub vs dub or which is better but rather I’ve created this to vent out frustration with who was chosen to dub the show this time around. Marc Diraison, Kevin T Collins and Carrie Keranen are to me THE quintessential voices of Guts, Griffith and Casca respectfully. To see that they have played these characters not only in the 1997 series but also the recent movie trilogy to reprise these roles once more, it upsets me to see that not only has Crunchyroll been completely non-transparent about their casting for months now but how they suddenly replaced the old VAs. If the actors were tired of these roles and wanted to move forward I could understand but for months now Kevin T Collins has been mentioning how he’d love to return to the role again, and judging from Carrie’s social media as well she seemed to be for it as well, after all Berserk 97’ was her first VA job ever and the role means a lot to her. I’m willing to give these new guys a chance but my heart hurts after hearing this news, especially seeing how Marc will not Be a part of this anymore. I’m sorry for the rant but I hope I’m not the only one who feels this way as well.

And for anyone who feels the way I do I found this.

i found out about this recently and i am pretty disappointed. you know, those 3 are guts casca and griffith. after the gravity that was the advent OVA, i wouldve loved to see them return to continue the series forward like it shouldve been nearly 20 years ago. its not just because they are the characters vocally, there can be no replacement surely, but ■■■■’s sake bring them back for continuity!

i have no hostility towards the new cast, i hope they will do a great job as well and wish them the best regardless. the guys in charge of casting though, i think they’re jerks. crunchy roll really fucked this one up pretty bad, berserk needs to be strong so it can continue. its one of the best mangas out there imo, if not the best, so its anime counterpart should be treated as such as well despite the last season’s animation and visual flaws

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After watching the new dub, I have to say I don’t like the new voices for Guts Griffith and Casca(though she doesn’t say much lol)… Guts is especially disappointing because Kaiji Tang seems to be trying so hard to sound gritty and edgy that’s it’s taken a lot of depth out of the character. Only had one line from Griffith but I’d still like Kevin to come back. Everyone else did ok and new characters need new voices anyway, but I’m still waving this petition’s flag as much as I could, almost at the halfway mark now with new peeps signing every day :slight_smile:

Which reminds me. Sign! Sign! Sign!